Welcome to Tundeworld

Welcome to Tunde-World, Sydney, Australia!  To be happy, healthy and free!

Refund /cancellation policy

Payment Option

Payment should to do in prepayment by Direct Bank Transfer Payment. Please contact me to organise a time that suits you and for bank details.

Refund /cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your registration, please notify us immediately.

Private session / Personal Training

For Cancellation, policy required a minimum of  6 hour ( not including if it is night ) for  session  Tai chi / Qigong / Reiki / Meditation. No refunds for Personal Training/Session in 6 hours.


  • A full refund is awarded when 14 days notice or more, is given prior to the course start date.

  • 13 – 7 days notice attracts a 50% refund.

  • 6 days or less notice, attracts a 0% refund.

  • When more than 48 hours notice is given for absence of an in-person class, the student may join the next group when they become available. This is a once only option.

If students miss a class for personal reasons, students are welcome to make class at another time or venue in the same term period. If a withdrawal is due to exceptional circumstances, the refund administration fee will be $5.00.