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When you click here for make a FREE registration for your cash benefit please to check your recommended by Tunde Takacs.

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"51% of Australian consumers prefer to shop with a business that rewards them in a loyalty program. The most amazing membership I've ever had......all my online shopping in one place and with cashback on every purchase....WHO CAN SAY NO TO MONEY....and having the app means i can shop whenever and wherever i like and still receive full benefits........10/10. If your not shopping with CBW......your not shopping right.

Become a Member for free. Just fill out the form, confirm it and done.

"Absolutely love my Cashback World card! I use it for my everyday shopping, and all my online purchases as well. Love the APP and its features, makes it so easy to shop on the go. It is also amazing that I can use my card all over the world."

Once you received the Tundeworld invitation or you at Cashback World system you will have your own account. After you enjoyed a Tundeworld's session and paid the fee for Tai chi, Qigong, Meditation or your Reiki treatment, you will have receive the benefit each time of 2% + 1SP per 150 AUD Purchase (1SP=$1.5). You only need to present your Cashback Card and we will record it under Tundeworld.

Keen to become a Member of Cashback World? Fancy collecting Benefits while you shop, visited Tundeworld sessions, go to hairdresser, etc.?

No problem! Simply register with Cashback World operated by Lyoness for free online or in one of our Cashback Shops and start benefiting right from your very first purchase.

Register online to receive 2 free Shopping Points

  1. Click Register for free" to fill out the form (you can register in any of the 47 countries where Cashback World is present)
  2. Check your inbox for our confirmation email and click the activation link

Your Shopping Benefits



  • Up to 5% of the total purchase price back
  • Cashback is transferred straight to your bank account
  • Cashback is paid out once you have collected AU$15
  • You will also collect Shopping Points on all your purchases
  • Get your hands on incredible discounts with Shopping Point Deals
  • Redeeming Deals generates even more Cashback and Shopping Points

Opportunity to create passive income from entire community. Access to over 70,000 merchants in 47 countries.

Contact Tunde if you need any more information.

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Cashback World Loyalty program is open for you too