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Group meditation

Are you interested in the benefits of meditation and perhaps believe you're someone that can't learn how goldcost- guided meditation can be a great place to begin? Welcome to all and can be used for the health and balance heart body mind and spirit regardless of spiritual beliefs.

Cost $15

Venue -  Information coming soon.

Parking - Each venues have a very good parking place for everyone.

Meditation is a bridge connecting the mind and body to the soul. It helps us get in touch with our inner being, our authentic self." ~Enza Currenti~ 

Meditation helps develop a mind that is balanced, calm, and quiet and able to function more efficiently and reasonably. In addition, a person who meditates is given a unique glimpse at the workings of his own mind.

Today, meditation is generally recommended for people who need respite from suffering and stress and those looking to have a greater understanding of ourselves, our universe and our incarnation here on earth. A growing number of people are being managed medically for mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. A lot of people are also diagnosed with mental problems. This is often attributed to the changing world in which we live in.

The benefits of Meditation are immeasurable. I believe it was the Dalai Lama that said “If all eight year old’s were taught to Meditate it would take only one generation and we would have World Peace!!“  something for us to work towards.

Join us for these 2 weeks journey on Thursday from 10 am and on Saturday from 11 am in four guided meditations. The four sessions including Chakra Healing Guided Meditation, Peace and Healing Guided Meditation, Meditation for Self Esteem Guided Meditation and The Waterfall Guided Meditation that washes away every sorrow, worry, pain of your body and from your heart.

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