National Reiki Awareness Week

National Reiki Awareness Week

This year National Reiki Awareness Week is planned to run from 12th - 21st November 2021 inclusive. Naturally, this depends on any COVID restrictions that may be imposed at the time. However, we have to be positive and plan for a successful NRAW event in each State and Territory.

How will you plan for a Reiki Awareness event?
My teaching commitments always overlapped with the schedule of NRAW.

As a long time member of ARC and dedicated Reiki teacher and practitioner, shouldn’t I schedule something? So, without any idea really of what I might actually do, I’ve decided to go ahead. One huge hurdle in Castle Hill is finding a reasonably priced venue.

Reiki therapy is a way of guiding energy throughout the body to promote the recipient’s self-healing abilities.

As we do not know when the next lockdown is coming Tunde is offering Reiki sessions either using Zoom or for clients within the The Hills catchment area the mobile healing if it is available. (Check it with Tunde or NSW Covid19 rules).

  • I provide a mobile service for you. More comfortable for you as you should receive your healing session without any traffic stress, you can keep the travel time for something else important program. What amazing news!
  • I am offer Distance Healing for you.

Now is the perfect time to bring Reiki into your life, to heal yourself, your friends, family, pets,… and the world! At this time on our planet we need more healers and light workers, come and join us!

To find out more on how Tunde can be help you to benefit from the beautiful Reiki healing energy or to find out about the Reiki courses that she offers (these are held in small face to face groups and are not available during lockdown) just get in touch with Tunde on connection or and book your time with click here

Love and Reiki Blessings xxx