Online Tai chi and Qigong

Online Tai chi and Qigong

I'm excited that we can START our weekly group training online during the Coronavirus (COVID-19)period. You are welcome to join us on the Zoom application. Tunde-World offer online Tai chi / Qigong for all its classes and new private practitioners. The Zoom application is free for all participants.

You will receive an email invitation or via WhatsApp message with a new link and later password to join and enjoy each session. Also the current link will be share on this page without password. Please prepair your login to our tele-room 5-10 minutes beforee our class starts. Each time you will have a new link to login to the class. Each class takes for 45 minutes. The face to face classes run for 1 hour, but in Term1 you can participate and enjoy any of the online classes.

If you have any problem with your login please contact Tunde on the WhatsApp group used regularly. We all are learning this new way.

Term1 ( until 25 /03 /202 ) information. No break for public holidays.
Please use below link for Term1 sessions. Each session are 45 minutes and each day has own link..
After that I will share the new link for Term2. You can visit any classes during the term for same fee. You payment can make to my bank account or through the Booking online on the top of the page.

Test day Time Link for Term1 sessions Meeting ID
Weekly Monday 9.30am 530 670 238
Weekly Thursday 9.30am 798 416 469
Weekly Saturday 8.30am 321 896 580

Please contact Tunde if you have not received your link or if you have any question.
For private sessions the Days and times are flexible. Please contact Tunde via email


Here is some helpful question and answer to prepare for your online class and check your access.

1. How do I join a scheduled Zoom meeting?

  • Click the link on the calendar invitation.
  • Open your Zoom app on your desktop, click on Join and enter the Meeting ID number to start the meeting.

2. How to Join a Zoom Meeting for the First Time? This is a helpful VIDEO for you

3. How does it work? You will receive a link to visit and access the Zoom room and with a password from Tunde-World. You can enjoy the online session with a web-based video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client and a mobile app.

4. Do I need Zoom app to join a meeting? Anyone can join a meeting using the Zoom mobile app, desktop applications for Windows and Mac or you can see on your TV if your device helps it.

5. Can others see you on Zoom? Start or join a Zoom meeting. The meeting automatically begins in Speaker View and you can see your own video. Right-click your video to display the menu, then choose Hide Myself. You no longer see the video of yourself, even though others in the meeting can see the video of you.

6. Can you join a zoom meeting without downloading? The Zoom web client allows joining a Zoom meeting or webinar without downloading any plugins or software. ... Through your settings, you can control if the Join From Browser link appears automatically or if it only appears once the participants attempt to download the Zoom client.

7. Do you need WiFi for zoom? When your mobile device is running in 3G or 4G/LTE mode, the zoom app will only send a maximum of 1MB/min of data in accordance with Apple's guideline for bandwidth usage for a data plan. It's our recommendation to use WiFi when possible for the best overall experience.


Today we tested the video room to start our online Tai Chi and Qigong class next week via the Internet.
We should never stop to keep our-self healthy.

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