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Reiki Share, healer circle on Sunday

Welcome to our Reiki share / circle if you are a Reiki healer and a Spiritual Healer and you happy to share your time with us. reiki share

The healers group is open to healers of all modalities. So if you are keen to share your experiences or learn about and explore other healing methodologies then please come along. This is a great opportunity to discuss aspects of healing, meditation & develop your practice.

Each quarter we gather for a healing swap, exchange stories, meet old friends and make new ones. Everyone is welcome for cleansing the aura, make balance , open the blocked are by swaps.

What is the Reiki share?

Reiki can support your healing and personal development.  The regular practice of Reiki, which includes giving and receiving Reiki treatments, has been found to support spiritual growth and self-healing; there is also much anecdotal evidence that Reiki can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions, and that it safely complements mainstream medicine and alternative healthcare approaches. Reiki treatment is effective both as self-treatment and when delivered by another person. Reiki can be learnt and practised by people of all ages and walks of life. 

The Reiki share also known as Reiki circle or exchange, is a gathering of like-minded Reiki believers who participate in group healing treatments on each other. The main purpose for the Reiki share is to give and receive Reiki in a casual atmosphere of friendship, honor, positive energy and devotion.

During a Reiki share, the recipients ultimately break into small groups and take turns lying down on massage tables. Multiple practitioners gather around each recipient and place their hands on or over them multiplying the flow of Reiki energies. Group healing on individual recipients are very powerful and can produce results much faster than individual private sessions before rotating to make sure all attendees receive a similar amount of healing time.

Cost: $20.00  NUMBERS ARE LIMITED!! To secure your spot.

Feel free to share this information with your circle.

We look forward to spending time with you! ...see you on the healing tables! 🙏🏼💕

What happens at a Reiki Share?

Reiki share or Reiki circle is a gathering of healers and Reiki practitioners for the purpose of sharing Reiki healing energy. These gatherings can take a few hours or even all day or night. Step into a more relaxed you! Gain the tools to inner peace and harmony. Lovely to meet old friends and make new ones. Meet like-minded people and bond as you collectively come together for SELF-healing and project Reiki light and energy to those in need. Share your radiant Light, receive a healing and connect with your community.

This Share is an opportunity to network with others, with spiritual like minded people for meditation and then practice and sharing of energy. We will set up in couples take turns in giving Reiki, energy and receiving Reiki, energy treatments. The combined group energy is a beautiful experience and aids us all on our healing paths. This is a great place to practice and explore! Reiki circle is a great way of receiving and sharing the precious gift that Reiki is. While the time you spend on the table is shorter that you would during a regular Reiki session, but you are receiving Reiki from several pairs of hands. Another benefit is the combined wisdom and skill. You receive healing from healers with different levels of practice and experience. Some healers incorporate chakra healing and they balance your chakras in addition to Reiki healing. Some groups incorporate reflexology into their sessions. Some do chanting, smudging, or a variety of different rituals. It all depends on a group and the mix of people. Be open and willing to experiment.

How Will The Time Go?group Reiki Share

We will talk a bit about how Reiki works – what it is, and how it is practiced. This especially helpful for those new to Reiki. It’s also a chance for the experienced folks to share what they know.

After that we will split up the group based on attendance – usually 4-6 people to a table. We mix experienced Reiki practitioners and newcomers. Someone will volunteer to get on the table. Their group will ask them if there is anything particular they need help with today, and any areas of discomfort we ought to avoid. They will receive 8-15 minutes of Reiki, depending on how much time we have. At the end of the time, the leader will signal, and the group will wrap up. We will switch who is on the table. If it any point you don’t feel like getting on the table or working on the person, you are free to gently decline.

Once everyone who wants to has received Reiki, we will conduct a brief closing. If time permits, people will be invited to share their experiences. We will say a closing prayer, and rededicate our Reiki to the healing of all beings, sending the excess energy to the Earth.

Who Should Come? Everyone is welcome at a Reiki share to Reiki or any types of energy healing.

The share is great for:

  • Reiki Masters looking to build community
  • Reiki Practitioners who want experience with the energy 
  • Anyone in need of healing who feels able to give as well as receive

Please note, this is not a class. It is to share your healing energy as you wish using the principles of Reiki.

Date-  29 July 2018,  from 17pm to 19pm.

Reiki shares are held on the 4th Sunday of each month Please keep these following dates in your calendar:

  • 26 August 2018;
  • 30 September 2018

Where: Venue -15 Chainmail Crescent Castle HillParking - Each venues have a very good parking place for everyone. You can parking if you drive a little further to the cournel.



What do you should wear and bring?

Please dress comfortably. Please dress in layers as the energy will be off the hook. A water bottle. Your generous spirit. A notebook and pen if you like. Any pendulums, crystals, or charms you use in your Reiki work.  You are welcome to bring a blanket, a massage tables and / yoga mattress if you have & pillows if possible, a light blanket and a sense of caring for the Reiki share would be great!

Cost: $20.00  NUMBERS ARE LIMITED!! To secure your spot.

Reiki share will require a minimum of 3 people registered and prepaid via bank transfer, for the share to hold. Please leave your phone number when registering or send Tunde an email for more details. 

Feel free to share this information with your circle.

We look forward to spending time with you! ...see you on the healing tables! 🙏🏼💕


These ground rules will help us create sacred, healing space that works for everyone at the Share, Circle.

1) Be prompt and stay to the end. Our time together is limited, and it shows great respect by being on time. Once we are into the healing, it is very disruptive for people to arrive. Everyone wants a chance to give and receive Reiki, so please stay to the end of the share.

2) Practice safe touch. Absolutely no breasts, genitals, or buttocks. Each time someone gets on the table, please ask them if there are any areas of concern. If you are receiving Reiki and have particular sensitivities, it is your responsibility to be pro-active and let your group know.

3) Stay engaged. The Reiki share is a sacred space. There will inevitably be moments of deep stillness, uproarious bouts of laughter, and some profound magic. Let’s try to make space for all of it by remaining connected to the group. Don’t hold lengthy side conversations. If you need to step away from the table, do so, but please come back promptly. Cell phones off.

4) Communicate with compassion (Be Nice). Many of us don’t know each other, but we can presume that the ever-positive Reiki has brought us together for a reason. Please approach your fellow share-ers with an open mind and deep compassion. Speak truthfully and lovingly. Try to keep your ego out of the way. Don’t dominate the conversation or the work. If you have a concern with what someone is saying or doing, get in touch with your throat chakra, and express yourself clearly. When someone is speaking to you, try to hear them with your highest self. When you are receiving Reiki, ask for what you need.