Tai chi

What do you think why Tai chi practice are so popular?

The central element of practicing Tai Chi focuses on Internal Discipline. That is, how a movement should be made from the internal core of the body - the abdomen and back - rather than from the external parts of the body - the limbs.

Tai Chi is a very nice social exercise

Tai Chi and Qigong are scientifically proven as a preventative medicine. Tai Chi relaxes and regulates the central nervous system, promotes physical and mental well-being and releases emotional and physical stress accumulated through work or other anxieties.People of all ages can cultivate relaxation, balance, central equilibrium and physical co-ordination through these gentle and non-jarring exercises.

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Stress causes chronic illnesses. Are you stressed? Do you need to lose weight, your work time is stressful, you have pain, headache or backache or you just like to "exercise" in nice group or individually.

What is Tai Chi? Wellness exercise? Healthier lifestyle?

Tai Chi, or Taijiquan in Chinese, is an outstanding gem of traditional Chinese culture that is valuable in promoting health, developing combat and self-defence skills, and improving concentration and overall well-being.

Tai Chi is a Chinese traditional martial art and was originally practiced purely for self defence. In use, the mind focuses to lead Chi (Qi), sending the energy power through your body's meridian pathways to the attacker. Nowadays, Tai Chi has been proven to be a nature and body science and is mostly practice for health purpose.

Tai Chi - Taijiquan is the officially accepted spelling by the International Wushu Federation. It is known as and sometimes spelled Tai Chi or Tai Chi Chuan in the West. Taijiquan means supreme ultimate fist. Tai means Supreme, Ji (Chi) means Ultimate, and Quan (Chuan) means Fist.

Everything contains Yin and Yang. For example, the sun is Yang and the moon is Yin. Sunshine side is Yang, and the shadow side is Yin. The sky is Yang and the earth is Yin. Yin has Yang inside and Yang has Yin. The Tai Chi symbol shows this. See how the white right-hand half (Yang) has a small black (Yin) circle within it; while the black left-hand half has a small white circle within.

Tai Chi movements are designed to use the power of nature to maintain our body in good condition. In recent times, Tai Chi has become popular internationally not just as a sport; it is also being practice as a means of keeping fit as well as preventing and curing some diseases. Tai Chi has proved its efficacy in treating chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, neurasthenia, arthritis, diabetes, stomach problems and back pains. It is one of the best alternative medicines.

When do You need to do Tai Chi? Do you have any of the below problems?

Stress, Tension, Poor Sleep, Depression, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes Type II, headache, Neck Stiffness, Backache, Digestive Problems, Obesity.

Tai chi has both physical and mental benefits. Practiced regularly Tai chi for its therapeutic benefits, which include reducing stress, promoting balance and flexibility, it improves muscle tone and coordination. Tai Chi can also be used to help Arthritis, Balance, circulation problems, High Blood Pressure, Multiple Sclerosis.

Many people find that it boosts their energy, stamina, and agility, sharpens their reflexes, and gives an overall sense of well-being. Tai Chi, although a martial art. If done regularly, it improves muscle tone, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Many older people find that it boosts their energy, stamina, and agility, sharpens their reflexes, and gives an overall sense of well-being.

The calming and meditative aspects of Tai chi allow many to experience its ability to relieve stress. Some claim Tai chi to be a healing therapy, and it is often used to support other treatments for chronic conditions; arthritis, fibromyalgia, and digestive disorders are just three examples. Improve Bone Densities

Tai Chi can help improve bone densities from tunde_world on Vimeo.

Also, it can eventually be done daily by oneself, and ultimately becomes a very personal endeavor. Most Westerners find it best to practice Tai chi in the same place and at the same time of day; and those who enjoy it most are those who are not seeking major, dramatic breakthroughs, but rather who can take pleasure in small gains that accumulate over a long period of time.

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Tai Chi is help the mind body and spirit to heal and gain energy. This slows down the natural ageing process and regulates metabolism.

Tai Chi is the best alternative medicine based on nature and body science. Such a good sport for keeping fit and making people healthy.


As a system of physical exercise used to improve and maintain health, Tai chi can be helpful in achieving a state of physical and mental relaxation while also strengthening the cardiovascular and immune systems.


Tai chi is a safe exercise system for people of all ages and fitness levels. Done properly, without any over-stretching, Tai chi should not leave a person feeling tired or sore.