Tech Deck 96 mm Fingerboard and RipStick

Tech Deck 96 mm Fingerboard

Go big by going small. With the 96mm Fingerboard, all you need is some imagination and two of your ten fingers. Tech Decks come with metal trucks, grip tape and real skate company graphics. Switch it out with the included set of graphic wheels and mess with the kingpin. Sticker sheet, riser pads, bolts and hardware tool included. 1

Choose your sets:

Set ONE, including:       

- one original, NEW in pack, not opened,  

- and 4 maybe used in Very good condition,

- Price $8e

Set TWO, including:

-10 fingerboards what you can build up,

- Price $5


Set THREE, including: 

-5 Really NEW fingerboards,

- 1 used fingerboards,

- Price $5


Razor Pocket Pro RipStick

Razor Pocket Pro RipStick. Pocket-sized fingerboard allows you to practice tricks anywhere!. Real twisting torsion bar!  Swapable deck plates. 360° inclined caster wheels!. This Pocket Pros Ripstik fingerboard has the same detailing you see on the full-size version of the RipStik Classic model.


- Price $8


Set One, Set Two, Set Three and RipStick

Price $ 22