Tech Deck Ryan Sheckler Warehouse Ramps05

Tech Deck Ryan Sheckler Warehouse Ramps 05 in VERY Good condition.  sk5

price- $19

Pick up - Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia

or + postage

Part of the Ryan Sheckler's Warehouse.

The Ryan Sheckler's warehouse was designed and built in 2008 by California Skate parks.
The ramps are all in very good, played with condition.

Full set is available also.

05 Teck Decks
plus 3 connectors

Hi Guys,
DO you looking for a FULL SET of Tech Deck Skatepark for Christmas 1-6?
We have it for sale.

Also available individual
SET 1-4 $75
SET 5 $19…
SET6 $19…

Price for the Total is $100


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