Stone Holder Pouch

Overview holder

  • Handmade item
  • Material: Cotton
  • Made to order
  • washable
  • Ships worldwide from Australia


This is a made-to-order crochet pouch necklace similar to the ones pictured. You can place crystals inside or anything that you want to keep with you throughout the day. (the stone is NOT included and is for picture purposes only).

Colors Available: Light, Black, Pink, Red, Dark Green

Price: AUD 35.00 / each

**Please note that the crochet pouch can stretch to an extent which may not be advisable for smaller & thin stones. There is an option to create a custom order with smaller and tighter holes, please choose the option with "Smaller Holes" when checking out. 

Regular Size
The size when flat is approximately 10cm by 55mm. 
It will fit 1 large stone of around 45mm x 60mm or 2-3 smaller stones.

"Smaller Holes" Size
The size when flat is approximately 45mm by 35mm.
It will fit 1 large stone of around 20mm x 15mm or 2-3 smaller stones.
There will still be holes around 5-6mm so stones thinner than that may fall out.

The total longest length of the string is around 700mm- when worn the pendant will hang to the lower stomach. The string is adjustable and can be shortened to any just let me know and there will be no excess string awkwardly hanging.

The material used is cotton yarn.