Chungliang Al Huang and the philosophy of the yin and the yang

Submitted by Tunde on Mon, 03/20/2017 - 00:28

Chungliang Al Huang is the founder & President of the Living Tao Foundation and author of numerous best-selling books, including the classic "Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain." Master Huang speaks about using the Tao philosophy of TaiJi and YinYang to embrace opposites and make a whole picture/life, and leads the audience through a number of TaiJi movements that incorporate key concepts and all parts of our lives. Master Huang paints five key Chinese characters and discusses the role of each in the dance of opposites. 

Chungliang Al Huang gives an interesting lecture at TEDx Hendrix College on “Taiji” – the philosophy of the yin and the yang, which the art of Tai Chi Chuan is based upon. Huang uses calligraphy to paint five key Chinese characters and then he discusses their place in the interaction of yin and yang. Chungliang Al Huang also gets the audience involved by leading them through Tai Chi movements to understand the key concepts of how the yin and yang are incorporated in our lives.

Chungliang Al Huang is an internationally-acclaimed Tao master, as well as a philosopher, performing artist, and teacher of Tai Chi. He is the founder and president of the Living Tao Foundation and is the author of several books.

His 1973 book (below) “Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain” is well known to seasoned Tai Chi practitioners and has since been translated into 14 different languages.