Asthma and Laminine (testimonies)

Asthma and Laminine (testimonies) 


Laminine Asthma Testimonies
Asthma: My son has been on Laminine for 6 week now. He is now on the track team and no longer uses his inhaler for asthma. He reports running faster than anyone else. He joyfully take it and says he is happy that he is understanding the math concepts the first time around. He has been playing his instruments more and teaching himself songs (on guitar and drums). He jokes around more easily and laughs more. He has become more talkative and more social. He appears to be more comfortable in his skin. He was already a good kid and his teachers love him, but now he’s getting rave reviews from his teachers on how he’s improved within the last couple of weeks. He was pleasantly surprised by their comments. I’m thinking “way to go Laminine.” Thank you Laminine! Hadassah

Asthma: “My son suffers allergies and asthma. He used his breathing treatment every 2-3 month and occasionally used steroids when the other medicine wasn’t enough. This past year we only used his breathing treatment once and for 1 day only. Thank you so much for the work that you do. I’ve been working on remedying his situation for 8 years. Something finally works! The improvement is fantastic! I still look forward to when he is completely cleared of everything! When we’re done with him then I’ll start working on my stuff.” L.S. San Diego, CA

My blood pressure was extremely high around 217/170ish. My PTSD was so bad that I couldn’t even go to the mall or drive in traffic. My back pain from the military made me have to crawl out of bed on a daily basis. I would not sleep well. I couldn’t lose weight from diet or exercise because I had a rare form of Thyroid disorder. My allergies that developed over the last 4 years were so bad my Allergist recommended that I move to a dryer climate.

Now, I am stress free, full of energy throughout the day, no joint pain, I sleep great, I stay focused on what I am doing, My asthma is practically non-existent, no allergies, no migraines, my blood pressure is now perfect, and to top it off… I cut my little finger to the bone and it healed in less than 3 days!!!

Now you can’t even tell it happened!!! All of this change has taken place since I started taking Laminine. Life changing for me!”
Asthma: "It has now been over 90 days since I first took Laminine. I am back to work and doing wonderful. Here are the little things that I have noticed: I have always had a twitch with my eye lids. For as long as I can remember my eye lids would twitch all the time, almost non-stop. That has completely stopped. I also use to get severe cramping and it would wake me up (and my wife) in the middle of the night. That has stopped.

I had problems sleeping before, I have struggled with asthma all my life, I was told two years ago I needed to use a c-pap machine to help me breath at night. The machine helped a lot. However, I no longer need that machine. All my headaches have disappeared. When I was 18, I started to lose my hair and went bald. I have noticed that my hair is starting to grow back on the top of my head. My fingernails are growing back faster and thicker than ever before. The same goes to my toe nails." Thayne Beck Ogden, Utah
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