Belconnen Tai chi and Qigong on Fridays

🌟 Embrace the Serenity of Fridays with Tai Chi! 🌟

Are you ready to transform your Fridays into a haven of tranquility and wellness? Look no further! Join us for an enriching Tai Chi experience that will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. 
🌿 Why Choose Tai Chi on Fridays? 🌿
🧘‍♀️ Stress Relief: Bid farewell to the week's stress as you immerse yourself in the flowing movements of Tai Chi, a gentle yet powerful exercise that promotes relaxation and inner peace.
🌅 Weekend Prep: Kickstart your weekend feeling revitalized and centered. Tai Chi on Fridays sets the perfect tone for a rejuvenating and rewarding weekend ahead.
🤝 Community Connection: Join a warm and welcoming community of Tai Chi enthusiasts who are passionate about holistic health and well-being. Our classes foster a sense of belonging and support.

🌞 What to Expect 🌞
🌸 Expert Instructor: Tunde seasoned Tai Chi instructor will guide you through each movement, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for practitioners of all levels.
🌼 Gentle Exercise: Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise that's easy on the joints, making it suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.
🍃 Inner Harmony: Discover the harmony between mind, body, and spirit as you learn to flow with the rhythms of nature and nurture your inner self.
✨ Your journey to better well-being begins this Friday! ✨

Ready to experience the countless benefits of Tai Chi? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our Friday Tai Chi sessions are designed to meet your needs.

🌟 Reserve your spot now and make Friday your favorite day of the week! 🌟
Don't miss this chance to find balance, tranquility, and vitality through the timeless practice of Tai Chi. Join us this Friday and let the weekend begin on a harmonious note! 🌿🌅🧘‍♂️

* Program: Tai chi / Qigong
* Day: Fridays
* Time - 9:30 -10:30am
* Venue - Lake Ginninderra Sea Scouts, Evelyn Parker Pl, Belconnen ACT 2617
(You can look for "Lake Ginninderra Sea Scouts Hall" on google Maps)
* Parking - Venues has a very good parking place for everyone.

This class is open to all ages and levels of experience.

I very much enjoyed my first lesson albeit I am having a lot of trouble remembering the steps. I look forward to the next one where I will have my pen and paper. 

See you on Monday. Susan

Why you should try Tai chi and Qigong?
* Harmonized mind and body
* Improved balance and posture
* Increase your energy
* Reduce stress & tension

After my first Qi Gong class I was so relaxed, that I actually fell asleep very blisfully when I turned the car off, after arriving home! I could tell I wanted to go back and find out more, and since then, over a year later, I've never looked back. Tunde is highly professional, and my anxiety and depression have improved dramatically. Thank you Tunde."😘😊 BBH

Even though it is called a beginners class, we learn Tai chi and Qigong for better life. Focus on what we can do. For example if you need a chair you available to do it in sitting position. We not need any previous experience.... the more you do the practice the more you become aware of its profound health benefits.
You will notice a shift in your healing abilities and intuitive awareness. Read how people feel after them session

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2/ Read all information of fees, clothes, when do you arrive etc. by clicking here
See you soon!💞

What we do in this 60 minutes?
The training build up with three generally systems. Usually mixed the Tai chi and Qiqong movement focus for group body problems.

Teaching programs:

  • Warm up routine
  • Includes Knee Activation, Kidney/Internal Organs Activation and some block opening Qigong movements.

Qigong routines (each terms is changes)

Tai Chi routines

Cool down routine - Calming Form, Collecting Energy, Self Body Massage, Releasing Blocked Energy with tapping the full body and drop all negative energy.

Come and enjoy our group Tai chi / QiGong class for the powerful healing effects and also the social contact. All people are very welcome to join the group.
Bring your friend and enjoy together.

See you soon!
If you have any question contact Tunde via email

More classes is coming in the evening and weekend times. We are looking forward to receive your prefer time. in Canberra, Belconnen, etc. We are happy to received your recommending day and time. If you quire any class in your suburb please contact me via email. The private session works very well also? Private, personal Sessions
Welcome to receive your email to ask a quote for private session.