Boost Immune system with practice Tai Chi, Qigong

Boost immune system with Tai chi, Qigong and Self Massage.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Qigong are reported to have been valuable in controlling the spread of the pandemic in China. The National Health Commission of China has recommended the Chinese herbal decoction Qingfei Paidu for mild to moderate COVID-19. The same herbs were used in conjunction with Western medicine to treat severe COVID-19 disease.
In field hospitals set up to isolate patients with mild disease, rather than practice home quarantine, patients were treated with Ba Duan Jin Qigong under the tutelage of TCM practitioners. This was both a valuable means of exercise and a therapeutic approach.

In Deyin Taijiquan Institute Easter Festival, on  18/04/2020 , was a Program the Acupressure (Tui Na) with Dr. Sam Ma (expert Chinese medicine doctor and acupuncturist) . We focused on the Lung meridian to open the chest. This session was practical.
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Tai chi may boost immune system.

Tai chi, a traditional Chinese martial art, may give older adults' immune system a boost. That news comes from experts at UCLA and the University of California, San Diego. ~

Traditional Chinese medicine nurses lead COVID-19 patients practice Tai Chi. Patients go with the flow at this makeshift hospital in #Wuhan, as Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM)

practitioners offer guided #TaiChi sessions

"There is not enough space for patients to do many activity here. Practicing Tai chi can not only
enrich people's daily life, but also effectively reduce stress. It's also good way to improve relationship
between medical staff and patients.
Practice builds fitness and boots immunity.
We also offer other traditional martial art classes, like the eight trigrams boxing or five-animals exercises.
We hope the patients pick up Tai Chi movements and continue practice after they are discharged."

TAI CHI article excerpts - Boost your immune system naturally with tai chi. "To keep sick days at bay, trade your vitamin C in for a dose of tai chi. It's cheaper, more effective (revving up your body's disease-fighting defenses by as much as 47%), and even triples the protection you get from a flu shot."

Practice Qigong.

TCM medical staff practice Ba Duan Jin to prevent respiratory diseases during coronavirus outbreak.

mask qigong

Similar to Tai Chi in that it emphasizes breathing, Baduanjin, or Eight-Section Brocade, refers to eight sections of movements performed repetitively and nonstop, reminiscent of brocade weaving.

Originating from the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), Baduanjin traditionally contains both a standing and seated set of eight sections of movements each, but has also been expanded to twelve-section movements and sixteen-section movements.

In 2003, the General Administration of Sport of China re-choreographed the standing version of the aerobic exercise, and promoted it as one of eight health qigongs nationwide. Featuring slow movement and low intensity, Bajuanjin is suitable for all ages.

For epidemic prevention and control, people are currently being advised to stay at home.

To help people strengthen the body and develop a healthy lifestyle, the General Administration of Sport of China recently recommended a list of indoor exercises. Tai Chi, Baduanjin and other traditional Chinese-style exercises are on the list.

"The key is perseverance. It's better to practice every day," Zhang Boli, general counsel to Wuhan's Dahuashan makeshift hospital and president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told China Sports Daily.

He also suggested ordinary people practice according to one's abilities and advance gradually in due order.

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