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What is your Benefits of Tai chi?
Tai chi has both physical and mental benefits. Practiced regularly Tai chi for its therapeutic benefits, which include reducing stress, promoting balance and flexibility, it improves muscle tone and coordination. Tai Chi can also be used to help Arthritis, Balance, circulation problems, High Blood Pressure, Multiple Sclerosis.

Many people find that it boosts their energy, stamina, and agility, sharpens their reflexes, and gives an overall sense of well-being. Tai Chi, although a martial art. If done regularly, it improves muscle tone, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Many older people find that it boosts their energy, stamina, and agility, sharpens their reflexes, and gives an overall sense of well-being.

Tundi is fantastic. She takes her time explaining things and brings great energy.& Tunde is well prepared and takes the trouble to make sure we do everything correctly. ~ and more

As a system of physical exercise used to improve and maintain health, Tai chi can be helpful in achieving a state of physical and mental relaxation while also strengthening the cardiovascular and immune systems.

What is tai chi? Tai chi is a form of mind-body exercise that is based on slow, flowing, and choreographed movements. Read more

Strong as an oak, flexible as a willow, and [mentally] clear as still water.

It’s often called meditation in motion. Scientific studies are showing more and more health benefits that you can get from this practice. In fact, the health benefits are so numerous, some people call tai chi: medication in motion.

Why tai chi is good for you? Tai Chi is a very nice social exercise
Tai Chi and Qigong are scientifically proven as a preventative medicine. Tai Chi relaxes and regulates the central nervous system, promotes physical and mental well-being and releases emotional and physical stress accumulated through work or other anxieties. People of all ages can cultivate relaxation, balance, central equilibrium and physical co-ordination through these gentle and non-jarring exercises.

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I played others doing the same Tai Chi exercise and your style was the most graceful and precise of those I watched. I feel privileged to be learning from you. Elaine

What is Health Qigong? Why is it So Popular?
An Ancient Healing Practice

Qigong is ideal for training the mind to "switch off", and as a relaxing bedtime routine to help ease the transition between wakefulness and sleepiness.
Qigong (or chi kung). Translated as "breath work" or "energy work," this consists of a few minutes of gentle breathing sometimes combined with movement. The idea is to help relax the mind and mobilize the body's energy. Qigong may be practiced standing, sitting, or lying down.

Through movement, discussion, and more, learn how Health Qigong' program can help you

  • Enhance strength and physical balance
  • Increase joint flexibility and repair carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Improve circulation, blood oxygen levels, digestion, and eyesight
  • Support more restful sleep and decrease anxiety
  • Empower yourself to better cope with stress.

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