What is Chakra Balancing Meditation?

Are your Chakras in balance? How do you know? What is Chakra Balancing?chakra

Is your energy low, and are you emotionally out of balance? If the answer is yes, you might have a Chakra imbalance. An “imbalance” in your Chakras indicates that some Chakras are under active, and some are over active.

The answer to this issue is “chakra balancing”.

Balance and harmonised your chakras through deep meditations, uniquely channeled specifically for the group by meditation by Tunde.

A meditation journey of healing and nurturing!

Each chakra unfolds information about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. It covers many aspects such as our relationships with people, money, health, confidence, self esteem, spiritual connection and perspective. When we focus on balancing the chakras, we create a state of joy, fulfillment, understanding and insights.

Each week through unique, channeled meditations you will journey through the one chakra. As you support each one with positive healing energy, you align our energy with your goals and intentions for life.

  • Week One: Base Chakra: Family, Home, Money, Career, security, sense of belonging in the world
  • Week Two: Sacral Chakra – Relationships, creativity, healthy boundaries, trusting in life, Clairsentience.
  • Week Three: Solar Plexus – Confidence, determination, drive, courage, sense of self, intuition, gut instinct.
  • Week Four: Heart – Love, forgiveness, hearts desires, passion, grief.
  • Week Five: Throat: Expression, communication, speaking ones truth, Channelling.
  • Week Six: Third Eye – Perspective, open mindedness, judgements, ideas, Clairvoyance.
  • Week Seven: Crown – Connection to Spirit, Angels and Spirit guides, Oneness.

Each of our chakras has a part from different areas of our life (money, health, career, relationship, etc.) that can be explored and cleared to move us forward on our path of development. Problems solved at the chakra level do not return.
Each chakra belongs to a different area of life, so if we are able to identify our problems and difficulties at the chakra level, we have the opportunity to solve them at a higher energetic level, so they do not return.
Regular chakra work on ourselves raises our awareness and the quality of our lives in all areas.
When we release a psychic block in our energies, we notice it in our environment in such a way that the area of our life changes.

  • With a Root chakra clearing, our fears disappear and we can gain a firm foothold in the material world.
  • Sex chakra (Sacral) cleansing and energizing heals our sexual problems and allows our creativity to blossom, our artistic tendencies to show and be expressed
  • With the harmonization of our belly chakra (Solar Plexus) we gain the right self-control, we are no longer dominated by others and we do not want to dominate others.
  • With the perfect functioning of our heart chakra, we learn true compassion, we no longer act out of pity, our loving relationships blossom.
  • With the optimum functioning of our Throat chakra, lies in our lives will cease, our speech will be clear, we will be able to express ourselves honestly.
  • Through the healthy functioning of our Third eye chakra, our perspectives become non-judgmental, we are able to see the Universe sign in our lives and interpret them. We can see the aura, the colours and changes of our energy bodies.
  • Our Crown chakra when balanced, we gain a sense of higher fixity, we get in direct contact with the Universe.

By cleansing and energizing our chakra system, we influence our body parts belonging to that chakra, positively affecting their condition. We have an effect on the mental energetic charges stored in the chakras, we can achieve inner peace mentally - spiritually. We can dissolve our karma from previous lives and from this life.
Our problems that are treated and resolved at the chakra level will not return.

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