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Good health starts with good circulation. Clearing the body internal pathways to optimize circulatory health. The circulatory system develops in the beginning stages of embryonic development and remains vital throughout our lifetime, as it allows our bodies to maintain a stable internal environment. Good circulation also provides optimal blood flow to the brain, heart, and other organs and rapid recovery following exercise or other physical activity. On the other hand, heart discomfort - especially from increased activity - occasional coughing or wheezing, lack of appetite and/or queasiness, are all warning signs of poor circulatory health.

Highest quality ingredients

  • Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) sourced from the Engraulis Ringens, a member of the anchovy family that has the highest naturally-occurring ratios of EPA and DHA of any fish species.
  • Omega 6 and 9 from borage oil from the Mediterranean region*
  • CoQ10 Extended Release that mirrors the kind naturally found in the heart and liver
  • Vitamin K2 fermented from Natto Bacillus subtilis, a bacteria found naturally in the human lower intestine Laminine OMEGA+++ also includes a small boost from the Fertilized Avian Egg Extract, which allows the other ingredients in
  • Laminine OMEGA+++ to perform their functions more effectively.

High Cholesterol can be caused by:

  1. What you eat. Eating too much saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol can cause high cholesterol. Saturated fat and cholesterol are in foods that come from animals, such as meats, whole milk, egg yolks, butter, and cheese. Trans fat is found in fried foods and packaged foods, such as cookies, crackers, and chips.
  2. Your weight. Being overweight may increase triglycerides and decrease HDL (good cholesterol).
  3. Your activity level. Lack of physical activity can lower your HDL.
  4. Your age and gender. After you reach age 20, your cholesterol naturally begins to rise. In men, cholesterol generally levels off after age 50. In women, it stays fairly low until menopause. Then it rises to about the same level as in men.
  5. Some diseases. Certain diseases may raise your risk of high cholesterol. These include hypothyroidism, chronic kidney disease, and other kidney problems.
  6. Your family history. High cholesterol may run in your family. If family members have or had high cholesterol, you may also have it.
  7. Cigarette smoking. Smoking can lower your HDL cholesterol.
  8. Certain medicines. Some medicines can raise triglyceride levels and lower HDL (good) cholesterol levels. These medicines include thiazide diuretics, beta-blockers, estrogen, and corticosteroids.

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BLOOD SUGAR AND CHOLESTEROL. The polysaccharides in the Maitake mushroom help regulate and maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Research has shown that Maitake can increase insulin sensitivity while reducing insulin resistance. Other studies have shown that extracts of Grifola frondosa can reduce the conversion of cultured cells to adipocytes (fat cells), which has shown to reduce weight gain (Nakai et al. 1999). Along these lines, metabolic factors such as supporting the maintenance of healthy blood glucose, modulation of insulin and maintaining healthy triglyceride levels, have been demonstrated using extracts of Grifola frondosa (Kubo et al. 1994). Immune+++


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What is Laminine OMEGA+++?

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