Our Reiki community is growing. Fantastic! Congratulations Reiki Level 1 healers!!!

What an extraordinary day it was!

We learnt and delved into the uplifting and reassuring of self-treatment. We gave and received partner healing in a supportive atmosphere. And we witnessed numerous individuals receiving uplifting images and messages during the initiation, leading them to profound self-discovery. It brought us great pleasure to observe how deeply the new Reiki students resonated with this energy, becoming fully immersed in its transformative power.

👏🎉Big CONGRATULATIONS 👏🎉 to everyone who completed Reiki Level 1 today! You are a successful Reiki healers!!!

I extend my deepest gratitude. Your contributions added immeasurable richness to our collective experience, making it a day to cherish and hold dear in our heart.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and welcome to our beloved Reiki community, all dear new Reiki practitioners in all Healing Circles.💜🙏💜

Do you use PALO SANTO?
Palo Santo is a type of wood commonly used for its fragrant smoke, believed to have spiritual and medicinal properties. Read more on this link

What can do for yourself, now?
💜Enjoy a self-healing practice for 21 days and share your Reiki energy with friends, family, animals and plants.
💜 You're welcome to attend the Reiki Level 1 workshop again at any time in the future. It's often the case that upon revisiting something, re-reading a book we uncover new perspectives and notice details we may have overlooked previously. This is a natural progression, reflecting our ongoing development and broadening understanding between these sessions, which enhances our openness to new knowledge.
💜Keep growing on your reiki journey. Your next stop of your Reiki journey is a 2-day training Reiki Level 2 , where you can meet new techniques.
You will be initiated into three secret symbols, you can acquire a lot of knowledge and of course we focus on practice here as well. All this in a completely safe environment. With new knowledge, you can harmonize energies from past and future experiences.

Your development is in your hands, and your teacher, teacher Tunde, will gladly guide you on this exciting path.
Looking forward to seeing you all progress on your Reiki journey!
May the chi be with you. Sending love and blessings,