Our Reiki community is growing. Fantastic! Congratulations Reiki Level 1 healers!!!

Our Reiki community is growing. Fantastic! Big CONGRATULATIONS 👏 to everyone who completed Reiki Level 1 and Graduates! 🎉this Wednesday
You are a successful Reiki healers!!!
Amazing day of sharing, learning and exploring. 💜🙏💜 It was an absolute joy to have so many new Reiki students learning more and diving deeper into the practice of Reiki. An absolutely glorious.

Thank you to all who participated - and welcome to a wonderful Reiki community to all our new graduates!💜🙏💜

Enjoy your next 21-self- healing practice then sharing Reiki with your friends and family.
Feel free to revisit the Reiki level1 any workshop in the future whenever you like. It's a common experience that upon listening to something again, whether it's the second or subsequent times, we tend to discover new insights and pay attention to details we may have missed before. This is a natural process, reflective of our continuous growth and expanding knowledge between these learning sessions, making us more receptive to fresh information.
The next Reiki L1 course runs on 3rd February. You need to bring only your Reiki folder and your master crystal(received on the Reiki L1 day). Booking link .

Next step on your reiki journey is to come to the Reiki Level 2, 2 days training. It will give you the tools to clear and balance energies of the past and future. You will receive three sacred Reiki symbols. These powerful symbols can be used to energize your body, clear past lives or trauma, and magnetize positive energy for the future. Read more by clicking here We eagerly anticipate coming together for the enriching experience of Level 2 training.
Your presence is truly valued, and we're excited about the collective journey of growth, learning, and connection that awaits us on the Reiki Level 2 training💕

Do you use PALO SANTO?
Palo Santo is a type of wood commonly used for its fragrant smoke, believed to have spiritual and medicinal properties. Read more on this link

Looking forward to seeing you all progress on your Reiki journey!
May the chi be with you. Sending love and blessings, Tunde