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Tai chi and Qigong group trainings are available
in person and online, life Virtual. Find your class ;with clicking here
online tai chi and qigong

Healing with Reiki

- Distance
- Mobile


Reiki Levels
1 Basic
2 Professional),
3-4 Master-teacher

Balance your chakras, cleanse your aura and deepen your understanding of self-healing. Learn to channel gentle, healing reiki energy.

Reiki L1 small
Refresh your Reiki,
Haling practice
Circle on Thursdays

Reiki Level 2

Learn, explore and develop the ancient healing art of Reiki in our group classes. All of our Reiki courses are certified and recognised by the Australian Reiki Connection. Tunde Takacs is a Master Teacher

Meditation classes
Group and Personal Meditation Session. Meditations are deeply healing and provide an avenue to connect with your spiritual support team and promote a deep sense of peace and wellbeing

Healing with Forensic Healing
Connect with yourselves, heal your wounds and your physical and emotional pain, and awaken your soul to live. 1:1 or Distance healing available for your help.

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Tunde-World a registered COVID SAFE

business with a safety plan implemented to ensure the health and safety of my clients, community and my own family.

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