What do you need to know for payment, wear clothes ...

Read all important information below:

  • No walk-ins booking essential to calculate the number for each hall.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow the event to run on time.
  • Please Print off and complete the Information-Form and take it with you at the first time when you come to the class.
  • What you should to wear when practicing Tai Chi? For information please click here
  • Have a look at the current Fees Guidelines of Tai Chi / Qi Gong Sessions. Your first session fee including your term payment. Tunde-World offers a discount to senior who has not job. 
  • Please come scent free in consideration for those with perfume allergies.
  • Please download the Viber application for group/class further communication.
  • Please, if you changed your mind or come to another program for you, let me know. Do not keep this spot yourself. Maybe other people cannot come as you hold this position. Important, only keep, booking your program if you are available to come. Respect each other. Thank you.
  • Tunde-World's Policy
  • Testimonials
  • Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy
  • Parking - Each venue has a very good parking place for everyone.

Please observe the scenario below:
Anne registers and pays for a 10-weeks term of Tai chi. Anne has been on holidays and returns to start in the 3rd week of a 10-weeks term. Meaning, Anne has missed 2 sessions of a total of 10. Anne will, therefore, attend the remaining 8 sessions of Tai chi, but in addition, will participate in an additional 2 sessions of another program of her choosing during a different time slot and/or location to make up the total of 10 sessions. Anne can do this at another location across the Tunde-World or even in a different program is like Qigong. Anne has emailed the Tunde-world’ staff to confirm which make up sessions she will attend before doing so Tunde-World' staff have informed the instructor ahead of time. Terms and conditions: You agree to comply with the following terms and conditions. Note: these terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Thank you for all the effort you put into preparing our classes. It's a lot of extra work for you and it's very much appreciated. I've been happy with all the classes, I'm just very grateful to have the opportunity to attend. ;I think my little dog is also enjoying the meditation. He sleeps for hours after the class :-D Looking forward to Thursday's class. Colleen

See you soon! If you have any question contact Tunde via email More classes is coming in the evening and weekend times. We are looking forward to receive your prefer time. in Canberra, Belconnen, etc. We are happy to received your recommending day and time. If you quire any class in your suburb please contact me via email. The private session works very well also? Private, personal Sessions Welcome to receive your email to ask a quote for private session.