Healing Circle

Join Our Virtual Healing Circle for Wellness and Connection!

In these challenging times finding a sense of healing support and community is more important than ever. We invite you to be a part of our Virtual Healing Circle where you can experience the power of collective healing and connection from the comfort of your own space.

✨ What is the Virtual Healing Circle? ✨

Our Virtual Healing Circle is a unique online gathering designed to:

* Nurture Your Well-being: Experience the soothing and rejuvenating effects of guided meditation energy healing and mindfulness practices.

* Connect with Others: Forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals fostering a sense of belonging and support.

* Embrace Holistic Healing: Explore various holistic healing techniques including Reiki sound therapy and guided visualization to promote balance and harmony in your life.

Why Join Our Healing Circle?

* Accessible from Anywhere: Join us from the comfort of your home or any quiet space eliminating the need for travel or logistics.

* Inclusive Community: Connect with individuals from around the world who share a common goal of healing growth and self-discovery.

* Safe and Sacred Space: Our virtual circle is a safe judgment-free zone where you can express yourself and receive support without fear.

* Schedule: We offer sessions of first Wednesday of each month by Zoom.

* Diverse Healing Practices: Each session explores a different healing modality providing you with a diverse toolkit for your personal well-being.

What to Expect:

* Guided Meditation: Immerse yourself in calming and transformative guided meditations to reduce stress and promote inner peace.

* Sound Healing: Experience the soothing vibrations of sound therapy which can have a profound impact on your emotional and physical well-being.

* Energy Healing: Learn about energy healing techniques like Reiki and how they can restore balance and vitality to your life.

* Open Sharing: Share your experiences challenges and insights with a supportive community that truly listens and cares.

Join Our Virtual Healing Circle Today!
Are you a Spiritual Healer, an Angel healer or Reiki healer? Are you happy to share your time with us? Welcome to our Energy Healing Circle. Step into a more relaxed you. Gain the tools to inner peace and harmony.
Feel free to share this information with your circle.
We look forward to spending time with you! ...see you on the healing tables! 🙏🏼💕

Our Schedule: First Wednesday of each Month

  • 18:45-19:00 Check your voice, camera etc.
  • 19:00 Welcome!
  • Refresh and practice some Reiki techniques;
  • Share your experience;
  • Healing tips, protection, Healing Swaps, Healing Swaps;
  • Distance healing on each other ;
  • 21:00 See you next time
  • "One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone." ― Shannon L. Alder

Bookings are essential on the link below. We are prefer the small group for $20 (+PayPal fee ).
Please remember the Booking system closes 18 hours before the program starts.
Zoom details will be sent upon registration.

Thursdays, from 19:00 to 21:00 Booking
9th October sold out
6th November by clicking here
4th December coming
2024 coming
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Communicate with compassion (Be Nice). Many of us don’t know each other, but we can presume that the ever-positive Reiki has brought us together for a reason. Please approach your fellow sharers with an open mind and deep compassion. Speak truthfully and lovingly. Try to keep your ego out of the way. Don’t dominate the conversation or the work. If you have a concern with what someone is saying or doing, get in touch with your throat chakra, and express yourself clearly. When someone is speaking to you, try to hear them with your highest self. When you are receiving Reiki, ask for what you need.
If you haven't yet learned Reiki, you can find out more about our courses by visiting Reiki-Level-1-workshop
I run facilitating a Reiki level 1, 2, 3 training, Reiki Coaching, Reiki Share in Canberra and in Sydney, throughout the year in person and online.