How Reiki Helps Cancer Patients?

How Reiki Helps Cancer Patients?

Reiki, a stress reduction and relaxation technique, has become a subject of curiosity for cancer patients everywhere. Studies and anecdotal evidence has shown that, in addition to promoting relaxation among patients, Reiki can also be used to encourage healing and provide other benefits

How Does it Work?

The goal of Reiki treatments is to strengthen the flow of energy through these blocked or disturbed pathways, thus decreasing pain and enhancing the body’s natural ability to fight illnesses and heal itself.


According to the American Cancer Society, a small research study recently showed that patients undergoing Reiki treatments during cancer reported less pain overall. These patients still took the same amount of pain medication, but they reported feeling better when Reiki was part of their treatment regimen. Penn Medicine reports that another study conducted by the Abramson Cancer Center’s Integrative Oncology Initiative showed that Reiki can provide many benefits to patients when performed in conjunction with traditional treatments, including a reduction in patients’ perceptions of pain, decreased stress levels, reduced anxiety and increased relaxation.

Reiki and Cancer Treatments

Because Reiki is a non-invasive technique that causes no side effects or complications, it can be performed on cancer patients at virtually any time following their diagnosis. Whether the patient is newly diagnosed and waiting to begin treatment, is actively undergoing treatment or is in the late stages of cancer and facing a poor prognosis, Reiki sessions may be beneficial. Reiki may also be effective at reducing anxiety and inducing relaxation and balance among patients who are in remission after completing cancer treatments.

However, in spite of its many benefits, it is important to note that Reiki is not a substitute for traditional cancer treatments. Although studies and anecdotal evidence indicate that Reiki can be increase patient comfort levels and enhance healing, it has not been scientifically shown to effectively treat cancer on its own. Thus, patients should view Reiki as one part of a comprehensive cancer treatment

Charleston hospital offers Japanese healing technique called reiki to patients

While many Charleston area residents are likely unfamiliar with the Japanese practice of “energy healing,” it turns out the Lowcountry is a miniature reiki hub.

There are several studios and practitioners scattered throughout the Charleston area, at least 12 locations, according to Google. And while it is popular in some circles and is even offered to terminally ill hospital patients, those who aren’t familiar with the reiki may be left wondering exactly what it is. ;

“I had my first reiki session, and it just blew me away,” said Kris Pratt, now a certified reiki master and teacher in the Lowcountry. "~postandcourier