Tai chi is a Ideal way to slow down

Tai chi is the perfect antidote to a digital age en

Taiwanese scientists are making new claims for the health benefits of tai chi, and it’s the ideal way to slow down.

“…Taiwanese scientists found that people who practiced tai chi had a higher number of stem cells than those in other groups. It’s “the first step to providing scientific evidence” for tai chi’s health benefits, according to Dr Paul Sanberg at the University of South Florida… 

Doctors acknowledge that tai chi improves arterial compliance, i.e. expansion and contraction of the arteries, which is crucial for heart health, whereas strength training alone brings about a decline in arterial compliance.

In tai chi the emphasis is on internal development powering the external. It may not produce six-packs but it has given tiny women the capacity to lift cars.

...Tai chi, like countless other therapies, was recommended to me by a medical practitioner after a chronic health issue took over my life seven years ago. ..

...Tai chi is mentally, as well as physically, grounding. I’m finding it the perfect antidote to the pace set by the digital world; having been seduced for years by the delights and benefits of click-of-a-button rewards, I’m relearning that working slowly, with method and intention, can be just as gratifying....”

by The Thelegraph