Information of group Tai chi and Qigong programs in Term4. Gift for Fathers' Day and invitation for Healing Night

Submitted by Tunde on Wed, 08/25/2021 - 03:56

What is happening in Term4 at Tunde-World between from 15 August to 23 October (10 weeks)?

Covid has brought a lot of challenges for all of us, causing stress, adding strain to the functioning of our organs, disrupting our body's energy system and destabilises the inner balance of the body and mind. All of these can lead to physical and mental health issues. Tai chi and Qigong are practiced around the world as a health-promoting exercise. Studies have shown that it can help people to reduce stress, improve posture and blood circulation, boost the immune system and enhance your ability to mentally fight stress, improve posture, balance, general mobility, and to increase muscle strength in the legs.

Tunde-World offers to keep yourself in balance, be happy, healthy and free.
1/ New Term (Term4) is starting on 15th September. Some class will run the same program and some will change at the first week or maybe during the term. Programs can check by clicking here.

2/ Healing Night
How can I attend? If you are a Spiritual Healer, an Angel healer or Reiki healer and you are happy to share your time with us, you are welcome to join us.
It's lovely to meet old friends and make new ones. Share your radiant Light, receive healing and connect with your community.

3/ Benefits of Distance Healing.
Reiki not only helps you to heal on a mental, emotional, physical and spirit level, it also supports your personal development by enhancing self-esteem, confidence and self-worth. Reiki is excellent for clearing stress, calming the mind and soothing emotions, for a deeper sense of inner peace and calm. Tunde offers distance reiki, which means you can enjoy a healing session in your comfortable home in your comfortable room. How? Read more

4/ Celebrating Father's Day on Sunday 4th September! Something special for Father' Day. Looking for a gift for your LOVED Dad for this Day? 💓 Tunde-World happy to help you to choose The Best gifts for your Loved!🥰 Find more details by clicking here

5/ Do you know what Forest Bathing is? A Powerful Energetic Reset!


What Is Forest Bathing?
Forest Bathing is a Japanese concept that’s also called shinrin-yoku The essential premise is that spending time in nature has a powerful way of cleansing your energy. In other words, time spent outside in the forest is like taking an energetic bath!
How do you Forest Bathe?
Forest Bathing is simple. The idea is this: When you spend time in nature there are relaxing, restorative and rejuvenating benefits available for you to tune into.
Forest bathing involves experiencing the forest through your five senses.
to the sounds of the birds, the leaves rustling, water flowing, and let yourself hear the calm, peace and beauty around you.
Look around at the trees and plants surrounding you. See the sunlight filtering in through the trees, observe the various stages of growth, life, and decay and look for the lifeforce energy present in all.
Breathe and take in the scent of the trees and earth. Smell and experience nature's wonderful aromatherapy.
Taste the freshness of the pine-scented air as you breathe…
Feel the presence of the Earth below your feet. Feel the sensation of the forest air gently caressing your skin… Place your hands on the trunk of a tree, or directly on the Earth and focus all your attention on really feeling. Feel the textures, the temperature change, and the subtle life force energy.

Relax and as you take in the beauty and wonder of nature with all your senses… Tune into gratitude. Feel an internal sense of joy, calm and bliss as you deeply connect with nature, and through this, bringing healing and rejuvenation to your entire being.

6/ Here’s a simple practice you can try called Qi breathing:

  • Sit up with a straight spine and begin inhaling and exhaling slowly through your nose.
  • Make sure you breathe all the way into your abdomen and not your chest.
  • Visualize Qi as a violet light surrounding you and flowing in with each breath.
  • Feel the warm Qi flowing down into your abdomen and through your whole body.
  • Keep breathing through your nose.
  • Now, hold your breath for a slow count to three (work up to ten seconds).
  • Then, slowly exhale through your mouth, this time feeling any tension and stress melt away.

Repeat three times, and you will feel energized, restored, and renewed. A simple daily breathwork practice like this helps circulate Qi, remove blockages, and flow and balance in your life.