National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers by ARC Posted

National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers by ARC.

Since 2007 the Australian Reiki Connection Inc. (ARC) has been an active stakeholder at the various Government forums and discussions in relation to Codes of Conduct for health care workers (called unregistered** health practitioners in NSW and SA Code)

Note: ** An unregistered practitioner is any health practitioner, who is not required to be registered under Health Practitioner Regulation National Law or who provides services that are unrelated to their registration.

New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland already have legally binding Code based schemes in place, which empower Health Complaints Commissioners to make orders which prohibit health care workers from practicing or place conditions on their practice. The National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers became law in Victoria on 1 Feb 2017. These codes are now legally binding on health care workers in Victoria.

ARC have advised: "If you live in NSW and practice Reiki professionally, you should be compliant with the NSW Code of Conduct for Non-registered Health Practitioners. The changes to the NSW Code of Conduct came into effect on 1st September 2022.

Apart from the name change the substance of the Code hasn’t been changed, but one very important change every NSW practitioner should be aware of is the requirement to

The requirement to have it on display at your practice remains in force, and it must be displayed or made available in a manner that makes it easily visible or accessible to clients. The NSW code of conduct is now called, Schedule 3 Code of conduct for non-registered health practitioners (formerly named Code of Conduct for unregistered health practitioners).

** A non-registered health practitioner is any health practitioner who is not required to be registered under Health Practitioner Regulation National Law or provides services unrelated to their registration. NSW is now the only State to use such a description in its code of conduct. The other change that have been introduced in NSW is unlikely to affect most practitioners unless they run or are employed by a clinic/organisation with more than a single practitioner. A new Code of Conduct has been created that impacts health organisations.

The new NSW Code of Conduct will be uploaded to the files.

In summary, the Code of Conduct says that general health services:

• Provide safe and ethical healthcare
• Obtain consent for treatment
• Take care to protect consumers from infection
• Minimise harm and act appropriately if something goes wrong
• Report concerns about other practitioners
• Keep appropriate records and comply with privacy laws
• Be covered by insurance
• Display information about the Code of Conduct and making a complaint.

Must not
• Mislead consumers about their products, services or qualifications
• Put consumers at risk due to any physical or mental health problems
• Practice under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• Make false claims about curing serious illnesses such as cancer
• Exploit consumers financially
• Have inappropriate relationships with consumers
• Discourage consumers from seeking other health care or refuse to cooperate with other practitioners if they do.

It is the responsibility of every Reiki practitioner to ensure they adhere to the above:

  • that they Practice in full awareness and compliance of their Local Government, State/Territory Government as well as the National/Federal Government, rules and regulations.

  • that they carry the correct level of Combined Liability Insurance

  • If first aid is not available at their place of practice, to have a current first aid certification (HLTAID003 Provide first aid)

ARC requires our Members in ACT, TAS, NT, WA – where the legislation is still in the process to adhere to the Victorian (National Code)

ARC will continue to advise of the remaining State/Territory enactments of the National Code as we are made aware of them.

Read National Code of Conduct brochure here

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Download copy of NSW Code of Conduct (introduced 2022)

Download copy of QLD Code of Conduct (introduced 2015)

Download copy of SA Code of Conduct (Amended March 2019 to conform to National Code)

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