One day group healing, Retreats

Re-energize, be pampered, cleanse and unwind.

  • About this Event
  • Do you have a Reiki 1 2 or 3 qualification?
  • Do you want to refresh your practice and advance your skills?
  • Would you like to refresh your Reiki empowerment?

Come together with like minded in a nurturing, supportive environment. This one day healing for you. Healing the partner, Healing in group, do meditation.

Why open this program for us? We healing in circle every 14 days night for 2 hours but we have found out it is too short. From now we can enjoy this fantastic feeling for one full day.

Are you a Spiritual Healer, an Angel healer or Reiki healer? Are you happy to share your time with us? Welcome to our Energy Healing Day Circle. Step into a more relaxed you. Gain the tools to inner peace and harmony.

You will receive:

  • Practice and Teaching on Reiki techniques
  • Supervision - an opportunity to ask questions and develop your practice
  • Group support
  • Receive Reiki healing
  • Continuing professional development for healers and practitioners

Lovely to meet old friends and make new ones. Meet like-minded people and bond as you collectively come together for SELF-healing and project the light and energy to those in need. Share your radiant Light, receive a healing and connect with your com. Join our friendly Energy Healing Day Circle community and get Energy Healing pampered! Each quarter year we gather for a healing swap, exchange stories, meet old friends and make new ones. This is a great place to practice and explore.

Deepen your Reiki, healer journey with activities including  one

  • Guided deep relaxation and meditation to release tension, bringing restoration to the body and clarity to the mind.
  • A Reiki session with your partner to open the body, release tension and activate free flowing energy.
  • Empowering guided group meditation for healing.
  • Group healing on each other.
  • Fresh fruit and afternoon tea.

The hall has everything there (kitchen, deck (we can stay outside and the view is beautiful, and inside if it is hot as it’s has air conditional ) and we can start early in the morning with meditation, partner healing, lunch and group healing with longer sessions.

Bookings are essential. We are prefer the small group.(minimum number is required)
One Day Retreat - $99 (Payment can make to bank account or You can to pay for via Credit / Debit Card online. (PayPal’s standard fee is 2.9% )

Booking close 5 days before the program start. One day group healing, Retreats has limited numbers. That way we can keep it personal while still having the numbers to create a powerful group dynamic. As a result, early booking is a good idea if you don't wish to miss out.

22 March 2020, Sunday from 9.0 to 17.00 Sold Out
21 June 2020, Sunday from 9.0 to 17.00 Link coming soon

The one healing day hold.

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What do you should wear and bring?

  • Please dress comfortably and dress in layers as the energy will be off the hook. Your generous spirit.
  • You are welcome to bring a blanket, pillows and your yoga mattress for more comfortable would be great,
  • Massage table if possible - If you can bring a massage table please advise by return email. Thank you.
  • Your Reiki book to practice partner healing.
  • We can make tea as we will have a kitchen.
  • Bring some fruit or what you would like for share.

Who Should Come?

Everyone healer is welcome. Please note, this is not a class. It is to share your healing energy.

What happens at a Energy Healing Day Circle?
Sharing in a Energy Healing Day Circle is a most beautiful and peaceful way to be introduced to healing and experience a compassionate, relaxing treatment in a partner and in a group setting. We have created a nurturing environment for body, mind and spirit in which respect is given to all who attend.

Participating in Energy Healing Day Circle is a wonderful way for Practitioners to share Energy with others, honor ourselves as healers, continue learning and share healing experiences, as well as introduce this healing system to those who have never experienced it.


During the day the recipients ultimately break into small groups or/and two people and take turns lying down on massage tables or yoga mattress. Multiple practitioners gather around each recipient and place their hands on or over them multiplying the flow of energies. Group healing on individual recipients are very powerful and can produce results much faster than individual private sessions before rotating to make sure all attendees receive a similar amount of healing time.

  • We will start with a guided meditation,
  • Question and answer so will be to learn each from other
  • The Energy Healing day/ share / exchange, is a gathering of like-minded believers who participate in group healing on each other.
  • The main purpose for the Energy Healing day is to give and receive energy in a casual atmosphere of friendship, honor, positive energy and devotion.
  • After noon we will do the group healing on every one.

The combined group energy is a beautiful experience and aids us all on our healing paths. This is a great place to practice and explore!

Feel free to share this information with your circle.

We look forward to spending time with you! ...see you on the healing tables!🙏🏼💕

If you have any question please do not hesitate contact Tunde before you are booking.