Health Qigong and Parkinson's Disease

Effects of Health Qigong and Parkinson’s Diseasepractise

In summary, Health Qigong is a traditional Chinese exercise that builds the practitioners mind and body by controlling the flow of Qi, comforting the body, and releasing pressure through movement. To PD patients, exercising Health Qigong is superior to taking medication because of its fewer side effects and a longer honeymoon effect. Although different traditional exercises had been attempted as treatments for the PD patients, few people use them as an alternative approach for the treatment of PD disease which the present study is trying to focus on. As one of the Chinese traditional mind and body exercises which share similar functions with Tai Chi, Health Qigong as an alternative therapy exercise integrated into regular medical treatment of PD is receiving greater attention. In order to analyze the effectiveness of Chinese Health Qigong exercises on relieving symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, the purposes of this study were to conduct an experiment to investigate the effects of Health Qigong on the treatment and releasing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The main aims of this study were (1) to design a Health Qigong exercise program for mild-to-moderate stages of PD, (2) to examine the effects of 10 weeks of Health Qigong exercise on PD, (3) to investigate the effects of Health Qigong on function of shaking, muscle hardness and elasticity, balance, and activity of daily living on PD, and (4) to specially design/modify a Health Qigong exercise form for PD.

This research was conducted by three researchers from the Beijing Sport University, Texas A&M University and University of Texas at Tyler.

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Bianca M, previous school teacher, shares her story of healing Parkinson's disease.  This is amazing story of healing.

Bianca's Parkinsons free with Qigong!

 "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly" -proverb I found a refrigerator magnet with that lovely proverb while waiting in line at Whole Foods shortly after I had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. That saying became my mantra. I needed it to be my mantra because something told me that I could find some good in my situation.

What was my situation? For a number of years I had felt pain and extreme fatigue. Of course, I wasn't getting any younger, and teaching middle school requires so much energy in the classroom, and grading and planning in the 'off hours,' that I thought this was just a sign that I was ready to retire. And my handwriting had become so small and cramped that my students could no longer decipher the very cogent, insightful comments I was writing on their papers. Also, I had demonstrated a tremor that had gone from almost negligible to formidable over the past few years. When it got in the way of one of my favorite activities, eating, particularly eating soup, I went to see my first neurologist. So, in April, 2008, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and began a program of treatment medications shortly after my retirement that June. I was taking Sinemet 25/100, the dopamine drug, three times a day, and Requip once daily. After a while, my symptoms began to worsen. I had the option of increasing my meds, something I did not want to do.

What I was really looking for was relief from the chronic pain. I could continually feel the muscles in my spine and arms and shoulders contract. Also, navigating stairs became a cumbersome endeavor, feeling like I had sandbags strapped to my arms and legs as I tried to make my way up to the bedroom. Although I found myself increasingly inactive, it's not like I took m situation lying down. In the first year after my diagnosis I was proactive about research and treatment. I saw two neurologists and a movement disorder specialist, visited the Parkinson's Center in Sunnyvale, California, applied to and was selected for the PD DNA study co-sponsored by Sergei Brin of Google and Michael J. Fox, a study called '23and Me'. I had also joined the local PD support group, researched and read numerous books and internet sites, practiced yoga till I became too stiff for 'downward facing dog' and so off-balance that my tree pose looked like 'downward falling tree'!! I had explored every avenue, visited everywhere, except inside myself. " by Lilou Mace