Personal Training

Why is good Personal Training for you?

Personal training is a 1 on 1 training, specifically designed to improve health management skills and/or to assist an individual to meet his/her personal goal(s).

What is the benefit of personal training?

Results are guaranteed. If no results are evident after practicing as instructed, you will receive a 100% refund.
Save time and save money. A class of 10 people, the instructor would need to concentrate on correcting the posture and forms for 10 people, but in the case of a 1-on-1 class you actually save 90% of the time and expenses for the training and also receive the best results.

For example, the correct forms of MaWangDui DaoYi Shu (Guiding Qi) were achieved successfully in 15-20 weeks through Personal Training, but may take between 30-40 weeks or even more in a group setting depending on an individual's understanding. To learn Tai chi in your sped much easier than in group.

Which programs run at Tunde-World?

For rehabilitation. Your health will be assessed and corrected instantly in Personal Training, whereas in group training you need to be found from the crowd to find your problems. You will also be given personal advice which is more specific and tailored than group advice.

Inherit the beautiful art. Historically, Internal Gong training has only been taught 1 on 1. Through Personal Training you will have the opportunity to inherit the beautiful art completely.
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