Reiki for animal. Heal your pets.

Do you know your pet likes the energy healing when she/he is not well? 

Healing Hands is all about helping you achieve total well-being - mind, body and soul - through Reiki and crystal

Energy healing is also conducted on pets. Sometimes nothing seems to be working on our beautiful animals, but a Reiki session can get our pet back on the road to recovery.

  • Animal are very accepting of Reiki because animals give Reiki.  Reiki can help stressed, nervous and injured animals anywhere in the world for any type of pet or animal, no matter what hey have been through. Reiki heals all types of illnesses, ailments, allergies, pre & post-surgical pet patients heal faster, eases emotional issues, and can help dietary and eating issues. 

dogThe Gift Of Healing From Animals

Often you will see injured or special needs / challenged children and adults receiving therapy by swimming with dolphins, or riding on horseback with reports being able to accomplish amazing things the patients have never achieved before - that's Reiki!

Many of those patients receiving the animal -to-human energy healing by feeling a vibrational effect that is very similar to what is felt during a human-to-human Reiki session.

When your pet spends extra cuddling, kneading or padding on an area that hurts on your body (sometimes you may not have even known that area was hurting until they bring it to your attention) that's your pet giving you the gift of Reiki.

There are many wild life parks, horse ranches and other venues all over the world where different animals gift their Reiki to special needs children and injured adults. I'm sure you have seen news clips of dolphins swimming up to children that have never moved their legs in their lifetime. The dolphin has no way to know this information, he or she has never met the child before. Yet they swim right up to child and begin nudging the child's legs or other areas where the child suffers and almost immediately there is a reaction by the child. The children's parents usually drop to their knees in shock, tears and amazement, crying, and sending blessings and love to the dolphin or other animal involved.

The same with horses as you see autistic children are put on the back of a horse and within moments they open up like a blooming flower. The children speak, move and do actions they have never done before. This is commonly known as Reiki energy being given by a Reiki gifted master animal.

Pet sessions are conducted at your home.