Qigong and Tai chi at Tuggeranong

Qigong and Tai chi exercise program for better life. All welcome to learn and practice TAI CHI and QIGONG in a friendly group by Tunde. If the weather is nice we are staying outside and enjoy this beautiful park.

* Program: Qigong and Tai chi
* Day: Tuesdays
* Time - 13:00-14:00
* Venue - Tuggeranong Senior Centre, Tuggeranong ACT
(You can look for by google Maps)
* Parking - Venues has a very good parking place for everyone.
1 / Registrations are essential: please contact email Janelle tugg55plusclub@gmail.com at Tuggeranong Senior Centre call 📞 0262934004
2/ Read all information of fees, clothes, when do you arrive etc. by clicking here
See you soon!💞

This class is open to all ages and levels of experience. Qigong workshop runs on 10th June. Read all information by clicking here

Why you should try Tai chi and Qigong?
* Harmonized mind and body
* Improved balance and posture
* Increase your energy
* Reduce stress & tension

Even though it is called a beginners class, we learn Tai chi and Qigong for better life. Focus on what we can do. For example if you need a chair you available to do it in sitting position. We not need any previous experience.... the more you do the practice the more you become aware of its profound health benefits.
You will notice a shift in your healing abilities and intuitive awareness. Read how people feel after them session

What we do in this 60 minutes?
The training build up with three generally systems. Usually mixed the Tai chi and Qiqong movement focus for group body problems.

Teaching programs:

  • Warm up routine
  • Includes Knee Activation, Kidney/Internal Organs Activation and some block opening Qigong movements.

Qigong routines (each terms is changes)

Tai Chi routines

Cool down routine - Calming Form, Collecting Energy, Self Body Massage, Releasing Blocked Energy with tapping the full body and drop all negative energy.

Come and enjoy our group Tai chi / QiGong class for the powerful healing effects and also the social contact. All people are very welcome to join the group.
Bring your friend and enjoy together.

See you soon!
If you have any question contact Tunde via email