School holiday program for children with Tai chi for fun.


School holiday program for children with Tai chi for fun.

Booking CLOSED. Thank you.

The program run 3 days, 18-20 April from 9.30am to 12pm. This program is an excellent opportunity for children for aged 7-14.

Booking close on 17.04.2018 at 12.00 am

Tai chi is fun for children because they can image they are playing with birds, tigers, monkeys and dragons.
They can even pretend they are flying.
However, children also reap the many health, learning and social benefits of Tai chi - focuses attention, enhanced creativity and improved balance, circulation and overall health - through the eight simple exercises introduced in Tai chi for kids.

Tai chi and health Qigong for children are designed to be engaging as it provides simple movements and poses that both relax and strengthen the body whilst bringing calmness to the mind.

Each day children learn how to breathe with focus and how their breathing can assist them to find calmness. Deep breathing is used to transfer more oxygen to the brain allowing higher sensory processing to focus, concentrate, interact and learn more easily - at home and at school. Kids love to learn and they learn very fast especially when engaged in a fun activity.

How can kids learn this program easily?

· Sessions are intermixed with fun activities like games or stretching exercises which are easy to follow;

· We repeat learned movements which can be practiced at home or during school breaks;

· We use stories and imagery that capture children’s imaginations.

We like to  learn Tai chi with ball in this holiday program. So please do not forget to bring your own not too big ball. Like what you can keep with one hand.

Come with your friend together.

Workshop Price

  • booking for one kid - 3 days / $99 or 1 day $39

  • booking for more kids - 3 days / $85 or 1 day $30

Booking close on 17th April at 12pm.

Please, booking your child as you can as I need to prepare for the correct number of children attending and not need to pay just after that once Tunde confirmed your space.

What do you need to bring?

  • a water bottle and snacks for morning tea,
  • let us know any special needs including allergies,
  • bring your own not too big ball.

What do you Wear? For information please click here

We look forward to a great workshop with you,

See you there.

Venue - Dural Squash & Fitness, 895 Old Northern Rd, Dural, New South Wales, 2158; Australia, Opposite Hargraves Nursery