Seniors are welcome at Tai chi and health QiGong class

Seniors are welcome at Tai chi and health QiGong class

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Updated information 25/03/2020

We start our Tai chi and Qigong on online since 30/03/2020. Please to read all information and have a look the time-table on this page.

DISTANCE, remote HEALING and online Meditation are available. Booking your session contact Tunde or booking up the page with click on BOOKING ONLINE.

Tai chi — also called tai chi chuan — is a Chinese martial art that combines a series of graceful, flowing movements to create a sort of moving meditation. The exercise is performed slowly and gently with a high degree of focus and a special attention paid to breathing deeply. Since practitioners go at their own pace, tai chi is accessible for a wide variety of people — regardless of age or fitness level.


Tai chi "is particularly good for older people because balance is an important component of fitness, and balance is something we lose as we get older," Lee said. ~Harvard Medical School

Health QiGong and Tai Chi are a good way to exercises your balance. Are uses slow and rhythmical movements of the trunk and limbs whilst controlling your balance. Health QiGong and Tai Chi can improve balance in older adults as this type of training involves walking, balance, co-ordination, and muscle strengthening exercises. Health QiGong and Tai Chi are widely recognized as being one of the most effective approaches to preventing falls.

Benefits of Qigong - Qi Gong is an ancient practice that can be practiced by anyone and has a huge amount of health benefits. Qi Gong is by far the most appealing of all modalities to kill stress because it achieves 3 very important steps. Synchronizing your mind, your body, your breathing. When all 3 are aligned you get your body into it has optimal state of flow- and this is where your natural healing abilities being to kick in.
Reducing stressful, anxious thoughts about fitness and weight loss can sabotage efforts and even reverse progress.
Developing a less judgmental and stressful relationship with the body can help anyone pursuing a fit lifestyle to accept themselves without unrealistic criticism.
Health Qigong is called, Chi Yoga, or Chi dancing, which has been practiced for over 5000 years, originally created by herbalist doctors as part of Chinese medicine for self-energy healing. Meditation leads Chi, the "Chi" energy acu-pressure therapy activates the body's Acu-points and meridians to address the course of imbalances and clear the "blockages" to build up energy and heal disease.

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