Special day 9:9:9 energies

Special 9:9:9 energies on Monday, September 9therdo

Closed all the bad experiences and pain of the past 9 years!
Now you have the opportunity to get rid of all the bad energy you've accumulated over the last 9 years.
Of course, this period of spiritual cleansing can wear off your body, so you may notice a more rhapsodic mood. You need to get rid of these harmful energies as soon as possible in order to start the next 9-year period as clearly as possible.

The energy of 9-9-9 brings you a moment of truth and purity, an opportunity to be honest with yourself, to find love, peace, and happiness.
Numbers 9-9-9 also carry an angelic message, giving you spiritual guidance.

How you can do it?

* Healing the Past with Reiki and the Energy of Love

Do you have things that bother you from your past? A bad breakup, a traumatic event, or something that makes you feel bad whenever you are reminded of it? This negative energy could be holding you back in your present life. Reiki is an amazing healing force for healing past emotions and situations. When combined with the healing energy of love dramatic results can occur. You are not going to change what happened in the past but your perspective on it may change and instead of negative emotions and energy surrounding that event peace and love will surround it. The negativity will fade away and blocks from the past will no longer hinder your future.

Healing past

1. Here is the method that I use on myself as well as with clients. I have found it to be especially effective with past relationship wounds.

  • First, spend 10 minutes relaxing and using your favorite way (relaxing music, breath work, Reiki, etc.) to get into a meditative state. If you are a Reiki Practitioner - I have found extra benefits-, if you do this method during your regular self-reiki session.
  • After you are in a deeply relaxed state think of a situation, emotion, or person that has hurt you in the past. Send the Distance and Emotional healing symbol 2x each. If you are a Reiki Master send the Master ;symbol as well.
  • Acknowledge what is coming and just let it sit in front of you for about ;30 seconds and just let it be.
  • Thank this presence for the growth it brought to your life no matter how painful it may be.
  • Then, immediately visualize a large, radiant, pink bubble of love surrounding it. To be able to better connect with the healing power of love think of something that makes you feel as if you’re at a higher vibrational level. This could be a favorite holiday, sexual encounter, favorite song, etc. Allow this loving energy from this good memory to wrap around the bubble of the unpleasant event from your past. Visualize the loving healing energy radiating right through the bubble and soaking the past situation in pure love.
  • Make 3 emotional healing symbol’s on the unpleasant event here.
  • Then, send Reiki and loving energy to it for 5 minutes.
  • At the end of the 5 minutes visualize the bubble with the unpleasant event from the past start rising into the sky. It slowly and gently floats up higher and higher.
  • Once it is so high up that you can barely see it visualize that it is so full of love from all of the Reiki and love energy that was sent to it that it bursts into a million pieces of bright pink light.

The unpleasant event is no more. It has left you. Notice how much lighter your heart and entire being feels. Wishing you love and light. ~Healing Past and Future with REIKI By Angie Webster

2. Another method is that I recommend to everyone.

Sit in a quiet room and take with you a pencil, a booklet, or a piece of paper. Write down all situations, emotions or person that has hurt you in the past, all sad situation(s) which bring a sadness you. Take this (these) in a glass jar and burn it on the full moon. And Blow away.

3. Reiki Meditation, the Most Important Tool to Clear the Past Issues

1. Play Buddha chant or Om chant as background music.
2. Clean the aura of your room & than your aura.
3. Sit in Padmaasan or on a chair with your spine straight
4. Close your eyes, take three long breath and relax.
5. Feel the breath inhaling and exhaling from the body, have a count on your breath.
6. Now you will feel you lost the count, no surroundings and as if you are not in the body, this is the state when you can talk to your inner self (antaraatma)
7. Meditate on the issue for which you want to clear.
8. See yourself in beautiful white dress along with the person with whom you have. Some problem, he or she is looking handsome/pretty in purple dress.
9. Draw HSZSN, SHK, CKR on the whole situation, masters can use DKM also.
10. Speak aloud I want to clear so and so issue with so and so person.
11. Say sorry, shake hands and have a healthy talk about the issue, shake your head a little to throw out all the negativity. Feel you both are very happy sharing a chocolate.
12. Feel as if whole atmosphere is blossoming with lotus, inhale the essence of
13. Seal with CKR.
14. Rub your both hands softly, put on eyes, to give the positive energy generated from the body. Now slowly open your eyes with a broad smile on your beautiful face to see the beautiful world around.
15. Say thank you.

You have done it beautifully. You will see a remarkable change in your behavior after clearing the issue.

OM Chanting - 108 Times (Million Times Powerful)


We live in accordance with our deep, driving desire. It is this desire at the time of death that determines what our next life is to be. We will come back to earth to work out the satisfaction of that desire. -The Upanishads

On Monday, September 9th a great energy of Crystal Light will be activated with the opening of the Multidimensional 999 Portal.999

The Crystal Energy that will flow through the portal on 09/09/19, will activate  four of the nine Atlantean Crystals present within our Planet: the Emerald Crystal of Healing which is located in Arkansas, the “Om” Crystal of Multidimensionality which is located at Mount Shasta in California, the Golden Crystal of Healing and Regeneration located in Brazil and the Sun-Moon Crystal of Light at Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

It is an important day as it will be flooded with energy that helps to close cycles.