Spring to Summer Promotion for Tai chi and Qigong at Tundeworld

Spring to Summer Promotion for Tai chi and Qigong at Tundeworld spring summer

Spring is already here. Spring starts everything in life. Take this chance and welcome your springtime of living. If you do not
prepare to look after your health today, you are preparing to look after the doctors in future. Doctors treat diseases, we are treating
future diseases. It is all the matter of harmony and balance in a happy living.

How Tai Chi and Health Qigong can help YOU?
 Reduce stress - Focus your Mind - Pain relief,
 Relax tired or sore muscles,
 Increase mobility of your joints, Improve flexibility,
 Correct bad posture
 Reduce high blood pressure, Improve circulation,
 Achieve optimum wellness.
 Build Energy, strength, character, self-esteem, coordination, flexibility &

Suitable for all ages it is the best complimentary medicine to keep you fit, prevent and rehabilitate from chronic disease including arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, depression, back, shoulder and knee problems.
Existing Clients
 Introduce a friend / colleague and the next session (one session from next term)
for you is ½ price.
 If your friend signs up to 10 weeks/1 term, you get a free session.
New Clients
 First session is free
 Pay one term (10 weeks) and you will get 15% discount.

Welcome to Tundeworld where your life will be happy, healthy and free!
New Term (4) starts in spring on the 37th week from 10th of September and please bring your Tai Chi ball to the first session.

Let us join the spring, build up energy within inside and out.

Check you class closer to you on www.tundeworld.com
For enquires and booking call or email : tundeworld@gmail.com 0431 466 450