Survey 2020

I am asking you to help me with this survey, please.
Would you like to change, to improve anything for a more enjoyable class? Are you happy with the current one?
Your Feedback is important for me . Thank you.

Responses : 26

1. How many years do you follow Tunde-World' programs?

how many years

2. Which program did you visit in 2020?


3. What PROGRAMs of tai chi, qigong would you like to practice in 2021?

program plan for 2021

4. Are you happy with the 60 minutes sessions?

training minutes

5. The TCAA (Tai Chi Association Australia) asked me to send an article from our Zoom classes. I think it would be nice if I am sending this article with your words in it. Like your experience of tai chi, qigong and meditation in the past 3 months 3 times a week. Do you feel more improvements in your balance, and your emotional level? Did you have any more benefit? How these assisted you in this absolute new situation etc. Thank you.

Responses : 17

1 I personally did not like doing Tai Chi via Zoom.
2 Zoom classes helped not only in my physical well-being but also in my mental health during the lockdown
3 When we were in lockdown earlier this year, my usual exercise classes were unavailable except for the virtual classes provided by Tunde. These classes were invaluable to me at that time. They not only allowed me to continue practising Tai Chi but they provided structure to my week, a form of social engagement beyond the home, and the pleasure of being able to continue to see friends from class. Tunde went to a great deal of trouble to set up the Zoom classes from her home. She offered us three classes a week which was greatly appreciated as so many other usual activities were no longer available. The more regular practice with Tunde as a guide also led to greater confidence in the Tai Chi movements. I felt they were going into my muscle memory with the added assurance that the movements were 'correct', something I find difficult when practising alone.
4 The Zoom Classes were a life saver for me in Covid 19 lockdown. The three times weekly and meditation most beneficial emotionally and physically during that time. The classes kept me grounded. I could have not have been OK without them
5 The zoom class for me was a very good experience. I only started face-to-face the week before the zoom started (lockdown), so it was completely new to me, but I loved that I could do it from the comfort of home and also up to 3 times a week.
6 yes I did find three times a week helpful with balance etc. because of my age and I know I havnt been walking enough I fi d the hour too long to be standing . In the break I will try to rectify that and also to do some swims
7 It was great having access to the virtual classes. Especially with the lockdown. I had to make a commitment and be ready for the class at a fixed time. This had some purpose and something to look forward to during the lockdown.
8 I found working in my office too space restricted as use a larger computer not to be moved around.
9 Felt fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Zoom Classes. In addition to the benefits for my osteoporosis I also felt more motivated and energised during the day. The meditation at the end of the classes was a huge help, especially during the early months of Lockdown. I enjoyed the whole experience.
10 Perhaps better balance and feeling a little less emotional
11 Balance has improved with the classes.
12 I have certainly noticed an improvement in my balance since participating in both Tai Chi and Qigong. I have also noticed improvements in my ability to relax and awareness
13 Definitely have improved balance - love the warm up routine- enjoyed the Zoom however the face to face classes are more personal training
14 I did not attend any Zoom classes
15 Not applicable.
16 Have not used Zoom yet.
17 Judy and I were very thankful that you were able to run these classes. I feel that those who were not able to avail themselves of these classes missed out on a lot. It meant that we were still able to continue with a program that continued to provide us with the benefits offered. For us the advantages were: 1. Morning classes 2. No travel required 3. A degree of flexibility to work in with my workload and our planned day. The disadvantages were: 1. Difficulty in fine-tuning or fully comprehending some movements without having you physically there to give that instruction and demonstration. 2. The lack of interaction with other participants that provides the "social" aspect of the classes. Hopefully this situation will never arise again in the future. However it did prove that life can continue in many aspects thanks to the available technology.
18 Refer to email sent

6. Virtual package. How does it work? Would you like to practice the steps, movement learned during our physical trainings in virtual in your home during the week if you will have a package for (and pay for it)? For example, you buy this package for 10 weeks, and receive a link to the online tutoring video including a warming up part and teaching the movement. You can use the link for a week to practice the movement. That is links to 10 lessons in 10 weeks.


8. Please explain your satisfaction level in the question above..

Responses : 19

1 Tunde always has time to help and is a passionate, dedicated teacher.
2 Ensures that any queries are answered in a timely manner and to the full satisfaction of the students
3 In the live class Tunde is willing to answer questions at any time and often stops to ask if we have any questions or any movements we would like to practice before going on.
4 Tunde is an amazing Teacher. She is so patient and calm when teaching a new movement. Tunde is always happy to speak after class if you have a problem with a movement. Tunde makes the class fun but very serious in making sure we have the movement correct.
5 Tunde is always willing to explain everything.
6 I find T very caring and helpful ,it is just I do not remember some of the moves until i see someone around me do them
7 Tunde always tries to adapt her classes to suit the group she works with. This helps us to develop to our potential.
8 Tunde goes with the flow and considers the group thoughts
9 I get to the best standard I can but am not ever going to be in a demonstration squad!
10 Very happy with Tunde commitment to her students, ensuring we practise each form correctly to avoid injury.
11 No comment
12 Tunde is always patient and understanding of any student health issues.
13 Tunde is an amazing teacher and practitioner- she explains everything and ensures we know what we are doing. She is extremely patient- She us to be commended!
14 Tunde is always happy to help
15 Having back problems and osteoarthritis Tunde has great patience and interest in teaching us at our indivual level. Excellent thank you Tunde
16 Trainings would be more effective if more emphasis is given to breathing instuctions with the Qigong movements. Virtual package would be good to practice at home but needs to be available for more than 1 week for each training.
17 Tunde is very responsive in explanation of movements ckearly explaining the movements and benefits on the body and mind.
18 Tunde is caring and very patient
19 fdgdgdg

9. Overall, how satisfied are you with Tunde-World?


10. How likely are you to recommend Tunde-World to a friend or colleague?


11. Please share any additional comments or questions.

Responses : 13

1 Zoom didn't work for me as I learn face to face, so it is not a personal thing. I find my Saturday class we all are very happy and have lots of fun, whilst focusing on our chi. 😊
2 Exhibits a genuine concern for the physical, mental and emotional well-being of students
3 Tunde is a wonderful Teacher.
4 During lock down Tunde was obedient to the rules and gave me confidence to come along and feel safe. On line I was frustrated to get used to zoom ,to have enough room in my office to do moves and knew at times I wasnt correct in the way I did things.
5 I enjoy my Taichi Qi gong classes very much. It has helped my wellbeing and the movements are gentle and helps flexibility.
6 this is the third time i have filled this in and pressed submit so if it does not come across to you I am not doing it again!
7 Tunde is very professional in the way she conducts her classes.
8 Nil
9 I am so thankful that ny Friend Mary introduced me to Tunde !
10 90 minute classes would be great as it would give us more time to learn the moves currently with the warm up it does eat into the steps
11 In my opinion, it is much easier to learn a new Qigong routine if it is broken down into smaller movements before doing the whole routine.
12 I really enjoy Tundes classes because I feel better both phyically and mentally afterwards and they are also fun. Very talented teacher. Thank you Tunde.
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