Tai Chi, Wushu & Qigong in Today's World Conference

Tai Chi, Wushu & Qigong in Today’s World Conference

The Organising Committee is inviting everyone interested in Tai Chi, Qigong and Wushu to take part in the forthcoming inter/ multidisciplinary Conference in Sydney at Macquarie University on Tai Chi, Wushu and Qigong in Today’s World. The aim of the Conference is to provide a venue for an interdisciplinary forum with the intentionally broad scope to bring together Australian and international scholars, practitioners and teachers from different fields and various directions including, but not limited to cultural, literary, philosophy and social studies, sports and medicine. The conference will include paper, poster and video presentations, workshops and seminars by practitioners, teachers and researchers. The round table/forum is also envisaged during the Conference where the challenges and problems will be discussed.

Venue - Macquarie University Building C5C Forum

Dates - Saturday 21 September - Sunday 22 September 201


  • Participation in Tai Chi and Qigong: Who and Where? Dr Ineke Vergeer
  • Sung and its Relationship to Chi and Jing Cultivation in Tai Chi Rob Russo Sydney, NSW
  • Qi Jing Ba Mai – Extra-ordinary Channels Divergence and Discrepancies – Awareness and Activation Dr Rusel Last NSW
  • Using Qi Flow in Taiji to Effect Structural Change Suzanne Newnham NSW
  • Ting Jin - the Art of Listening and Sensing Damon Bramich Newcastle, NSW
  • The Secret of Fajing Ahtee Chia Queensland
  • Shi Su Xi Shaolin Tung Lung (Praying Mantis) System Brett Russell Shaolin Monk Martial Arts, Sydney
  • The Health Benefits of Tai Chi/Qigong Art & Science Alex Galvan Sydney, NSW
  • Essential Requirements of Bagua Zhang and Modern Teaching Suggestion Gordon Yung and Jervis Tsui UTS Kung Fu Club, Sydney
  • Alert Hypnosis with Tai Chi Movement for Trauma Resolution (poster presentation) Bruce Eads and Dr David Wark USA
  • Let’s Get this Tai Chi Ball Rolling (poster presentation) Brian Corless NSW
  • Tai Chi / Qigong & Aromatherapy (video presentation) Rosilah Sani Sydney

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For more information email to: herald@auswushu.com.au