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Submitted by Tunde on Fri, 02/18/2022 - 00:08

I am happy to share some news and couple of articles I thought you might be interested in:

Effectiveness of Tai Chi for health promotion for adults with health conditions: a scoping review of Meta-analyses
“High” and “moderate” quality evidence indicates that Tai Chi can significantly benefit adults with health conditions including cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease, depression, heart failure, hypertension, low back pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease and stroke. ~

  • Tai Chi in improving important outcomes for people with numerous health conditions.
  • Implications for rehabilitation

Qigong for the Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of COVID-19 Infection in Older Adults
According to different operations, Qigong techniques can be divided into two groups: dynamic or active Qigong, and passive or meditative Qigong. Dynamic Qigong refers to those techniques that primarily focus on body movements and involve more movements of the whole body or limbs. Tai-chi, Yi Jin Jing (Tendon-Muscle Strengthening Classic Exercises), Wu Qin Xi (Five-animal Exercise), Liu Zi Jue (Six-Healing Sounds), and Ba Duan Jin (8 Pieces of Silk) (The Eight Brocades) are examples of dynamic Qigong that have gained worldwide popularity. Contrastingly, passive Qigong techniques have almost no body movement, but require maintaining a certain posture and carrying out exercises mainly involving the breath and mind.

Clinical Evidence on Qigong in Respiratory Infectious Diseases ~

  • Application of Qigong to the Prevention of Respiratory Infectious Diseases
  • Use of Qigong in Treating Respiratory Infectious Diseases
  • Application of Qigong to Rehabilitation in Respiratory Infectious Diseases

The available biological and psychological evidence suggest Qigong may be potentially useful for the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of respiratory infections, including COVID-19. The elderly, in particular, could benefit from Qigong during the ongoing pandemic, for it is easy to practice. Future studies are needed to confirm the effectiveness of Qigong in this context and to provide more evidence on this topic. ~