Tapping QiGong

Tapping QiGong - Immune Boost Qi Gong

This routine wakes up each part of your body and charges your Qi. For this Winter in order to keep you healthy, please continue training your Qi soldiers also known as Wei Qi or Defensive Qi. In the Chinese army we say soldiers need to train for 1000 days for 1 day of fighting with your enemies. Fighting your negative Qi and illnesses is like fighting a war. Tapping Qigong is an excellent way to workout and strengthen your soldiers to keep your Wei Qi alert and ready.

When you are tapping, you count in Chinese: Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu, Liu, Qi, Ba then Er, Er, San, Si, Wu, Liu, Qi, Ba. This translates as 1,2,3.....8 then 2, 2, 3, ....8.

Another good video on here by the the same person is Immune Boost Qi Gong..It is good for both women and men..also see this video series called Qi Gong 14 Movements ( it can be done by women or men) I like it because it also transmutes negative energies released in the body.

I like to do this one pai da tapping first then 14 qi gong movements..I find this combo helpful to transmute energies being released in various bodies at the same time. thanks to both who created these videos and to God !