Teens manage their stress with Reiki

What is stress?

Stress is the body’s reaction to a challenge, which could be anything from outright physical danger to asking someone for a date or trying out for a sports team. The human body responds to stressors by activating the nervous system and specific hormones. A part of the brain called the hypothalamus signals the adrenal glands to produce more of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol and release them into the bloodstream.

The hormones speed up heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and metabolism. Blood vessels open wider to let more blood flow to large muscle groups, pupils dilate to improve vision, and the liver releases stored glucose to increase the body’s energy.

This physical response to stress kicks in much more quickly in teens than in adults because the part of the brain that can calmly assess danger and call off the stress response, the pre-frontal cortex, is not fully developed in adolescence.

The stress response prepares a person to react quickly and perform well under pressure. It can help teens be on their toes and ready to rise to a challenge.

However, the stress response can cause problems when it overreacts or goes on for too long. Long-term stressful situations, like coping with a parent’s divorce or being bullied at school, can produce a lasting, low-level stress that can wear out the body’s reserves, weaken the immune system, and make an adolescent feel depleted or beleaguered. ~

For young children, tension at home is a common source of stress. Children may be troubled by family discord or divorce, for example. Big life changes, such as a new stepparent or new home, can also be hard on a child. That’s true even when the changes are happy ones, such as the arrival of a new sibling.

School is another frequent source of concern for kids. Young children might be stressed about making friends, dealing with bullies or getting along with their teachers. They might also be anxious about tests and grades.

For child, for Teenagers Reiki can be help enormously, providing relief for so many of the stresses and strains that they go through. Reiki will ease the pressure whether it's:

  • Feeling shy, nervous or anxious.
  • Difficulty in being not understood, or not able to communicate properly.
  • Period pains and hormones.
  • Emotions such as feeling angry, sad or lonely.
  • The pressure of sheer amounts of work.
  • Bullying or people being unkind.
  • Low self esteem and confidence
  • Relationship issues.

Do you see any signs of stress on yourself or on your child from below list?

  • Irritability and anger: Children don’t always have the words to describe how they are feeling and sometimes tension bubbles over into a bad mood. Stressed-out kids and teens might be more short-tempered or argumentative than normal.
  • Changes in behavior: A young child who used to be a great listener is suddenly acting out. A once-active teen now doesn’t want to leave the house. Sudden changes can be a sign that stress levels are high.
  • Trouble sleeping: A child or teen might complain of feeling tired all the time, sleep more than usual or have trouble falling asleep at night.
  • Neglecting responsibilities: If an adolescent suddenly drops the ball on homework, forgets obligations or starts procrastinating more than usual, stress might be a factor.
  • Eating changes: Eating too much or too little can both be reactions to stress.
  • Getting sick more often: Stress often shows up as physical symptoms. Children who feel stress often report headaches or stomachaches, and might make frequent trips to the school nurse’s office.

The Mentor program can be help and learn the stress management for kids and teens. 

Reiki treatment creates several benefits that include relaxation, feeling of peace, security well-being. Reiki healing session includes extremely comfortable state of being that can bring alteration in one's consciousness. It will help you to create a balance between Mind, Body Spirit.

Benefits of Reiki for Children and more with click here

  • Enhance Calmness and promotes a feeling of inner peace
  • Improve Sleep and Relaxation
  • Relieves Stress, Anxiety, Phobias and Fears
  • Enhances relaxation and improve sleep
  • Improves focus & Concentration in class and when taking test
  • Manages Hyperactivity and self regulation
  • Pain relief and relax sore muscles

Reiki can help children in many ways ( I have a teen boy 💞🌸💞🙏🏻💞

A Mentor program can be helpful for your child. Why? This regular program' benefits to being mentored can include:

  • better education outcomes through improved school attendance
  • increased employment opportunities
  • an increase in confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and aspirations
  • improved social and interpersonal skills
  • better relationships with parents and other family members
  • a greater feeling of connection and belonging
  • a reduced chance of getting into dodgy behaviour (such as violence, risk-taking and substance abuse).

As Reiki practitioners we can offer our presence in many ways.

Calming your child: Most healthy children have an enormous amount of energy flowing through their bodies which can make it sometimes difficult to rest, especially when it comes to sleeping. Reiki will help to calm any excess mental activity and relieve stress, as well as, balance their emotions.

Concentration: Reiki can be beneficial before exams when some children can feel stressed and worried. Reiki can help calm them down and relax both their body and mind for a general balanced well- being

Reduce anxiety with reiki. They are also the most common reason people seek to booking Reiki treatment. Reiki is an integrative therapy treatment used to alleviate anxiety. Reiki is a meditative practice that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes a positive mental state through gentle touch. Reiki self-treatment is a way to benefit from the therapy in your own home.

"my anxiety and depression have improved dramatically. Thank you"

Booking your healing session now

Who would Benefit from Reiki healing?

Children with Anxiety, stress and other fears
Children with Anger issues and Mood swings
Children with Insomnia, and other sleep related issues.
Children with issues related to Focus and Concentration
Children with diagnosis of ADHD or ADD
Children with sensory processing disorders and Autism spectrum
Children with OCD and ODD
Children with pain and sore/tight muscles
Children with Behavioral Issues

New York teenagers are overscheduled and overstimulated, leading parents to try out reiki as a possible solution to their offspring stress.

Reiki for Self-care for Teens
If you would like to schedule a class for your child and friends, virtual and in-person options can be negotiated. This is a self-care class designed to for ages 10-15 to teach Reiki skills for stress management and pain relief.

In this course, students will:

  • Learn about energetic movement;
  • Learn about the chakra system;
  • Create their own energetic symbols to use in intense emotional situations;
  • Practice sensing energy;
  • Learn how to manage stress and emotion with Reiki techniques;
  • Learn how to energetically “disconnect” from bullies or difficult social situations;
  • Learn how to protect and shield their own energy;
  • Receive a secret Reiki attunement.

Kid's Reiki for Self-care workshop' class details:

  • Every family is different, so parents are welcome to stay with their child for the entire class, or drop them off! If you would like to stay, to attend and receive the beautiful love energy welcome. Each parent who attends will receive a Reiki attunement along with their child.
  • All classes are $143/child.
  • All classes are 5 hours long.

About your master healer, Tunde I have been involved with the Alternative healing side of things for a while (2000) now and I absolutely LOVEs to combine these powerful modalities!

  • Prananadi (Master) since 2004,
  • Usui Reiki (Master-teacher) since 2017,
  • Akashic Record Healing (practitioner) since 2019,
  • Certified Diploma Forensic Healer practitioner since 2020,
  • Meditation (Teacher)
  • Healing Circle facilitator.

Tunde is passionate about helping children of all ages and adult holistically to become less stressed by giving them and their parents tools, support and encouragement. My specialization also includes helping Women suffering from trauma, depression, anxiety and Pregnancy/Postpartum mood disorders. Tunde' mission is to inspire, educate and facilitate healing on all levels - emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. Well-being and relaxation for your body, mind and soul during Tai chi, Qigong, Reiki and Meditation to help women, children and families in the World.

My classroom is a welcoming and affirming environment. We respect all gender identities, special needs and backgrounds. Family workshop should organise and also if you kinds like to learn with friends together.

To schedule an appointment or workshop, contact Tunde at:
email - tundeworld@gmail.com or call - 0431 466 450

Thank you! 💞🌸💞🙏🏻💞