The 2nd Australia International Martial Arts Festival 2019

Submitted by Tunde on Mon, 04/29/2019 - 05:11

Australia International Martial Arts Festival. A new competition being held in August this year.

Australia International Martial Arts Festival

"This competition is big - being very well funded and supported by the Australian Chinese community. Last year, there were around 500 competitors with guest judges and performers from Hong Kong and China. It was an amazing event and quite an eye-opener for those who have never had the chance to compete overseas.

This year’s Festival promises to be as inspiring as the first event. It is again being organised by Jiang Hui (Wendy) from AWCC and I’ve been recruited to help.

Titled ‘The 2nd Australia International Martial Arts Festival 2019’, competitors are being invited from schools all over China and Australia. If you have attended any of the World Traditional Wushu Festivals over the years, you will now have the chance to experience this type of festival event in Australia.>

The competition is on 31st August. It is open to all ages, all styles, and from any wushu background. We are also offering generous prizes for the ‘cream' of the competition - cash and a scholarship to train in China! Special conditions apply so check through the attachments for all the details but please call if it doesn’t make sense… The Closing Ceremony for presentation of Awards will be held the following evening and will include performances by famous Chinese Masters.

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~ from AWCC