Tunde-World will reopen from 15th December 2021

Dear All my Friends,

I would like to inform you that Tunde-World will reopen from 15th December 2021. I am so happy to be sending this information to you.


The Monday and the Saturday group classes are starting on 17th January week in 2022. For other group sessions please contact me via email.
I am updating the Time Table page every time with any new information. Please do not hesitate to visit this page and see the 2022 group schedules and I will add if any new rules is coming up.

  • The Reiki Healings and Workshops are continue from 15th December 2021. And I am sharing a few program dates below for you:
  • Healing Night program. This Thursday on 2nd December ( I cannot believe it is already December ( for ❄ 🎅me ).

We are running our Healing Night program from 5pm if it is working for you.
Please check the details of program by clicking here and prepare your space for lying,

  • Reiki L1 on 19th December fully booked. Next workshop hold on 16th January 2022
  • Reiki L2 on 5-6th February, See more details by clicking here
  • Reiki L3A on 29-30th January. See more details by clicking here
  • Reiki L3B on 8-9th January. For details contact Tunde

More people Information Form let me know that they have lots of times headache or and migraine. Exercise is really good to release stress but sometimes we need more help. I can recommend Laminine for my experience. To find more information please click here.

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift to spoil your loved ones this year? Tunde-World offer an unique Christmas vouchers and I can be personalized to your exact specifications. Please clicking here for more information

Tundeworld Christmas

I am sending out a huge thank you to our wonderful clients and friends for their love and support Tunde-World every year.

​​May the chi be with you.
Sending love and blessings,