Tunde' connection with energy healing

An alternative therapist since 2004, Tunde has been changing lives. 

Tunde speaks from personal experience as a healer.
She teaches women and man to live their full potential and find their greatness. As we need to balance and teaches man and women to open and speak out. We have to learn to stand up for ourselves. 

Not every therapist or healer has been feeling the special gift from an early age to share.
Tunde's story began. She was born in Jaszbereny, in Hungary. She grew up in an average country side and on the surface, it seemed like an average life. Her parents worked very much and very hard. 
Tunde followed this picture and after finished high school started the similar life. 

It was only decades later she met and began to learn an energy healing method, called Prananadi when she had problem with became pregnant. The invited baby, the soul could not arrive or kept in the physical world. 
She invested her own money in treatment after treatment, spending most of her days counting down the minutes to each one. 
She planned her whole life around it as her pain dominated her thoughts.

When she met with her IVF doctor and after the first treatment she lost her baby after 9 weeks. Dr Kizsa asked her and recommended Prananadi to heal what she need on the physical and on the emotional level. 

During the following years, Tunde devoted her time to research, studies and treatments, which included one particularly powerful healing treatment with Master Judit Lukács that changed her life forever. 
Following the treatment, she sensed energy surging throughout her body and cells.
After that she started her journey of Prananadi with Master Judit Lukács  and Master Révbíró József and have been learnt more and more these method. Realised lots of blocks and pain from her body and learnt how could change her energy and her life.
Finally her beautiful and healthy son arrived to her life.

This journey never finishes.  After that she extended her connection by Akashic Records, Forensic Healing method and Reiki. She received the Master level attunements.

Tunde' mission is to share her experience, to give her all knowledge to woman and man with heal and help to reconnect and to leverage her life experience to change lives to their innate abilities.

Tunde now has the ability to connect and has attune with the intangible “energy field” and make sense of it with her.
With years of experience working with energy, this gift has been developed and assisted her to channel the energy of a client’s body — regardless of their gender, age, or culture — with great accuracy to get to the bottom of people’s problems and help them to realise it. This intuition and connection of the body, soul that allows her to relate to the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges her client’s experience in the present and the past life.

Tunde mission is to inspire, educate and facilitate healing on all levels emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. Well being and relaxation for your body, mind and soul.