Wednesday at Castle Hill

Wednesday Tai chi and Qigong classes at Castle Hill

Time - from 9:15 am to 10:15 am

This class is open to all ages and levels of experience. Even though it is called a beginners class, in Qigong there are not really any levels but there is a level of depth you will experience.... the more you do the practice the more you become aware of its profound health benefits and you will also notice a shift in your healing abilities and intuitive awareness. Tai Chi has different level but no worries about it.

This class collaborated "Staying Active is a NSW Health funded program delivered in collaboration with Vitaly Club".

Venue - Restore Church, 47 Britannia Rd, Castle Hill, NSW 2154
 Please walk along the main building on the left side and the Education Centre is next to the Playground.
 I will leave a sign for you.  restore

Parking - Each venues have a very good parking place for everyone.

IMPORTANT! Bookings are essential to calculate how many practitioners attend class to follow the Covid19 rules. Please do not forget. Thank you for your understand it.

What is happening during out training?

The training build up with three generally systems. Usually mixed the Tai chi and Qiqong movement focus for group body problems.

1. nice warm up "exercise"
2. study the term marked form Program is in this Term 1 Qigong
3. coal down with meditation, and do Qigong movement

Come and enjoy the group Tai chi / QiGong experience for the powerful healing effects and also the social contact. All new people are very welcome to join the group.

If you quire any class in your suburb please contact me via email. Why do you like the Private, personal Sessions

Read all important information below:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow the event to run on time.
  • Please Print off and complete the Information-Form and take it with you at the first time when you come to the class.
  • What you should to wear when practicing Tai Chi? For information please click here
  • Have a look the current Fees Guidelines of Tai Chi / Qi Gong Sessions.
  • Please download Viber application for group/class further communication.
  • Please, if you changed your mind or come to another program for you, let me know and cancel your booking. Do not keep this spot yourself. Maybe other people cannot come as you hold this position. Important, only keep, booking your program if you are available to come. Respect each other. Thank you.
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  • Parking - Each venue has a very good parking place for everyone.
  • Staying Active is a NSW Health funded program delivered in collaboration with Vitaly Club

See you soon!

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