Wednesday's Tai chi and Qigong at Castle Hill

Wednesdays Night's Tai chi and Qigong at Castle Hill

Bookings are essential to calculate how many practitioner attending. Contact Tunde if you have any problem with the booking link

What is your Health Benefits of Tai Chi, Qigong?
When practiced regularly, a tai chi and qigong workout routine will provide several physical and mental benefits. In order to correctly perform tai chi, you must be able to smoothly transition from one movement to another and successfully hold each position for an extended period of time. You can read more with click here.

Come and enjoy the group Tai chi / QiGong experience for the powerful healing effects and also the social contact. All new people are very welcome to join the group.

Read all important information below:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow the event to run on time.
  • Please Print off and complete the Information-Form and take it with you at the first time when you come to the class.
  • What you should to wear when practicing Tai Chi? For information please click here
  • Have a look the current Fees Guidelines of Tai Chi / Qi Gong Sessions.
  • Please download Viber application for group/class further communication.
  • Please, if you changed your mind or come to another program for you, let me know and cancel your booking. Do not keep this spot yourself. Maybe other people cannot come as you hold this position. Important, only keep, booking your program if you are available to come. Respect each other. Thank you.
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  • Parking - Each venue has a very good parking place for everyone.

See you soon!

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