Welcome Spring with practice Tai chi and Qigong at Tunde-World 

Even though for many winter still seems to have a hold on us, soon enough we will be feeling that beautiful spring sunshine on our faces. I love the changing of the seasons, whichever you’re changing to, a change in seasons marks an energetic shift in our environment and in ourselves. There are so many things we can do to mentally, physically, and spiritually prepare ourselves for this change of the season.

Spring starts everything in life. Take this chance and welcome your springtime of living.
It is all the matter of harmony and balance in a happy living.

How Tai Chi and Health Qigong can help YOU?     

 Reduce stress - Focus your Mind - Pain relief,
 Relax tired or sore muscles,
 Increase mobility of your joints, Improve flexibility,
 Correct bad posture
 Reduce high blood pressure, Improve circulation,
 Achieve optimum wellness.
 Build Energy, strength, character, self-esteem, coordination, flexibility confidence.

Tunde-World' programs suitable for all ages it is the best complimentary medicine to keep you fit, prevent and rehabilitate from chronic disease including arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, depression, back, shoulder and knee problems.

Offer to you in Spring session
* an Existing Clients

Introduce a friend / colleague and when your friend signs up to 10 weeks/1 term, you get a free session.
Offer to a New Clients
First session is free
Pay your first term (10 weeks) and you will get 10% discount in your first payment.

Welcome to Tunde-World where your life will be happy, healthy and free!
IMPORTANT! New participation Bookings are essential your first session by clicking here to calculate how many practitioners should attend to the class to follow the Covid19 rules. Please do not forget it. 
Thank you.
Let us join the spring, build up energy within inside and out. Check you class by clicking here 

How do you invite Spring to your life?

  1. Connect with yourself by connecting with nature. One of the great parts of spring is we can be outside more and it’s enjoyable! I love going for practice Qigong and Tai chi outside and breathing the fresh air. I find this is a great way to clear my head, connect with nature, and feel gratitude for a new season, and a new day.
  2. Flowers make me happy. When I see the influx of beautiful flowers on the street, in the bush I know Spring must be right around the corner. I make a point to bring some sort of flowers or plants into my living space. Plants or flowers bring life and a new vibrant energy into your space. Choose something that uplifts and inspires you. Bonus for finding a bloom that smells beautiful as well!
  3. Clear out the old. Go through your closet and clear out anything that you feel you absolutely will not use anymore. You can even make two piles, one to keep for next winter and one to give away. There is nothing more energizing for me as finally putting away my winter coat for the season!
  4. Eat with the seasons. Another amazing part of a new time of year means new produce that’s in season! Check out your local farmers market or produce section and see what’s back in stock. Strawberries from Dural farms gets me to fly.
  5. Let go of what isn’t serving you. Spring-time is like a rebirth. What would you like to let go of in your life? Take some time now to sit in reflection, journal, and contemplate what you’re ready to leave behind, and what you would like to call in to your life.

What are some rituals you do to call in new seasons of life? Let me know in the comments below, and Happy Spring!

Wishing you a wonderful spring season full of happiness and good times!