Welcome back in 2021

Dear current and new Friends, Tunde here

Happy New Year! How time flies. I hope your summer holiday runs smoothly for you with lots of fun.


Please read this below information of the group session, Video program for home practice, New classes open in Cherrybrook in the morning, night and Reiki information and QR code.

1/ Thank you for your time to answer the Survey 2020. You can read all the answers on this page.

2/ Programs:

* Term1 programs. If I remember correctly, every class will learn Qigong routine. Some classes continue with the next movement and few will start next week. Let me know if I missed any information about it.

* During the year:
We will learn more Qigong, tai chi fan, if you like can learn Tai chi for Osteoporosis​ and anything else what we are choosing. We are free. ​All class locations are listed on the Tunde-World website.

3/ New class​es​ opens​ - in the mornings and nights​ in Cherrybrook. Please book for a regular class with your confirmation email.​

4/​ New Virtual package - Video program for practice during the week.

As you see on the Survey2020 about half the number of the people who gave answers interested in this program. How does it work?

Many people told me that it is difficult to remember movements and routines. Is there any way to follow my video during the week? As you know I offered you to make notes after class or during the session to remember and make a benefit with daily practice. And you asked me for a video option. I will assist you at this stage.

I am creating a video package for 10 weeks. You will receive a link every week to the online tutoring video. It is including a warming up part and practicing part including the movement what we learnt in the class. You can use the link to watch this video for a week. After that you will receive another link on the second week and work with this same as the first week. So you will receive 10 links for 10 videos. Each one expiring on the following week. All safety tips will share in the class.

It is cost you only $145. Payment is accepted in advance by Direct Bank Transfer, by link form website or in Cash before the class starts. If interested in and if you have any questions please ask me in the class or via email.

5/ The healing workshops, Reiki will run on different levels and with limited number to follow ARC and Covid Rules.

Reiki Level 1 - 💗 Open your psychic senses. Heal yourself, use plants, animals, family members and loved ones. Learn how to use this amazing energy to benefit yourself and others. Be inspired and empowered, and learn from the heart.

Reiki Level2 - Doubles your energy from level 1 and deepens your healing on an emotional and mental level, as well as the physical body.
Reiki Level3 A-B - Be a Reiki Master Healer and have the opportunity to empower others to experience this wonderful spiritual energy and a Teacher.💗

6/ COVID-Safe plan for classes and Reiki Workshop. Booking is compulsory as Tunde-World is required to comply with COVID-19 Rules like last year. In order to comply with these Rules, I need to gain an idea of the numbers of likely students for each class, Term so I can structure our classes safely with respect to density levels and all other matters.

Please return this information two days before the scheduled class to secure your place. If you respond after that date, I will email you to advise whether a space is available.

You need to scan the Tunde-World's QR code(compulsory) and I will do for the venue. I will leave it close to the door. Ask me please if you cannot find it. If you want to safe your date welcome to scan this code at home before you are attending to the class.

f you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the class next week.