What is Digestive+++?

What is DIGESTIVE+++


It is a daily supplement composed of a stable Probiotic, a Prebiotic Blend and a comprehensive Enzyme Blend that promotes healthy intestines, helps with indigestion, and enhances nutrient absorption. It comes in a softgel form for enhanced nutrient bioavailability and delivery. 
DIGESTIVE+++ is a dietary supplement that contains Bacillus coagulans, one of the most potent lactobacillus probiotics.
Because it forms a spore, it is able to resist digestion. This allows it to stay viable to inhabit and reproduce in the lower GI tract where it can act as a beneficial microbe. Preliminary studies showed that when subjects who felt joint soreness and mild pain consumed this particular probiotic, they experienced less soreness, stiffness and had improved mobility. Studies have shown that probiotics have supported keeping the gut lining healthy and intact so that undesirable digestive products do not cross into the blood stream. To perfect an already superior product, DIGESTIVE+++ also contains a full array of enzymes that digest proteins, fats, milk sugar (lactose) and carbohydrates. The blend of prebiotics in the form of yacon root, artichoke and special polysaccharides make their way through the digestive tract until reaching the colon. They provide the optimal food for beneficial microbes, creating the ideal biome to support a healthy colon. Beneficial gut microbes have also been shown to make neurometabolites that support good mood.


Together, this supplement offers complete digestive health by helping to maintain healthy intestines, ease indigestion and enhance nutrient absorption.

DIGESTIVE+++ also has a comprehensive enzyme blend to help your body break down proteins, carbohydrates, lactose (milk sugar), and fats to maximize their benefits. This also supports more effective elimination and less bloating.

“My husband has suffered problems with digestion for many years, to the point that he had to undergo a surgical procedure. The effect of this surgery is that he can only eat very small quantities of food, and still suffered a great deal of digestive discomfort. Our daughter recommended DIGESTIVE+++ and he has been now taking it for about four months. We have been amazed at the results! After years of suffering severe discomfort for days at a time, he has not had any digestive trouble since his first week on this wonderful product! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - Robin H., Australia

Regular use of DIGESTIVE helps you and You can benefits from:
Supports the balance of microbial flora to maintain healthy intestines.*
Provides digestive enzymes for maximum nutrient absorption.*
Improves regularity for good colon health.*
Helps reduce indigestion and bloating.*

  • Supports metabolism to help maintain an ideal weight.*
  • A healthy gut supports a better mood, thyroid and liver balance, less allergens and toxins in the blood.*
  • Improves bacteria balance in the large intestine*
  • Neutralizes acid in the stomach to help with indigestion, stomach discomfort, bloating*
  • They may help in weight management and proper metabolism.
  • Maximizes nutrient absorption*
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The DIGESTIVE+++ formula consists of the Lactobacillus strain of the gut microbe called Bacillus Coagulans. The prebiotic blend has fructooligosaccharides and Jerusalem artichoke, which enhance the colonization of Bifidobacterium in the gut and colon. Both of these strains of good microbes may help support a happy disposition, good mood and less anxiety, as new research is showing these benefits.

Help the body absorb the nutrients from the food you consume
Promote a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria
Neutralize acid in the stomach
Aid the entire digestive system to remain healthy and function well.

DIGESTIVE+++ combines stable probiotics, a prebiotic blend and a comprehensive enzyme blend that promotes healthy intestines, helps with indigestion and enhances nutrient absorption. It comes in a softgel form for enhanced nutrient bioavailability and delivery*

DIGESTIVE+++ also contains a full range of digestive enzymes at all pH ranges to fully digest and assimilate the vitamins, minerals and cofactors from the foods we eat. It also helps break down fats and proteins to support their complete digestion and assimilation.
Take one gel capsule with every meal to keep your GI tract healthy and support a happier mood and feeling of well- being!

“I take the entire line of LifePharm products and really love it. Yesterday I got food poisoning from some bad quality products. I had severe vomiting, headaches and dizziness. I didn’t take any medicine. The first thing I did was take two DIGESTIVE+++ and two Laminine and kept repeating the combination every three hours. After the second set, the vomiting stopped. In one day, I only took DIGESTIVE+++ and Laminine. In the morning, I woke up with a clear head, no discomfort and as if yesterday’s scary day never happened. I love DIGESTIVE+++.” - Nadezhda K., U.S.A.

PROBIOTIC The Probiotic improves bacterial balance to keep the large intestine healthy and functioning well while neutralizing acid in the stomach*.

  • Bacillus Coagulans –1.5 billion CFU - Spore-forming so it’s extra tough - Shelf stable and heat resistant PREBIOTIC BLEND The Prebiotic Blend is composed of potent, all-natural sources that fuel the probiotic in the body while neutralizing acid in the stomach*.
  • Short-chain Fructooligosaccharides
  • Jerusalem Artichoke
  • Dandelion Leaves

Yacon Root ENZYME BLEND The Enzyme Blend works in the small intestine to ensure the proper digestion of food and absorption of nutrients from*:

  • Proteins - Protease (3) - Peptidase
  • Carbohydrates - Amylase - Glucoamylase
  • Sugars - Invertase - Acid Maltase
  • Fats - Lipase PLUS
  • Alpha-galactosidase - To help digest sugars found in legumes and cruciferous vegetables
  • Lactase - To digest sugars found in milk and dairy product.
  • Q: When is the best time to take DIGESTIVE+++?
  • A: DIGESTIVE+++ is best taken one to two times daily about 15 minutes before mealtimes.
  • Q: How many DIGESTIVE+++ softgels should I take?
  • A: The suggested usage for DIGESTIVE+++ is 1 to 2 softgels daily. Read more with click here


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