Women’s Health Week programs

Women’s Health Week 2-6 September 2019, It’s your week! whw

"This Women’s Health Week is a great opportunity to learn more, and celebrate good health and wellbeing with tens of thousands of women and girls across Australia.

Women's Health Week is the time for women to put themselves first, for just one week, and start making positive changes that can last a lifetime.

Women's Health Week is an annual national event, held during the first week of September, dedicated to women across Australia making good health a priority. The event continues to grow each year, attracting thousands of women and organisations across Australia.

Last year was our biggest year yet with over 2,100 events across Australia and more than 88,000 women attending events in the community and workplaces. Women can subscribe and participate in the online event, and host or attend events in their own communities or workplaces.

We are proud that Women's Health Week attracts the support of organisations, high profile ambassadors, businesses, diverse community groups, sporting and media groups across the country. Women's Health Week is now a permanent feature on the Australian calendar in the first week of September each year. " ~

All ladies are welcome for make opportunity to learn Tai chi and Qigong on this week at Tunde-World. (The first session for free for new practitioner.)

- Tai chi session, check it with click here

- Qigong sessions, check it with click here