eVouchers at Tunde-World

Looking for more savings for a special season? Get a jump start on our exclusive offer at Tunde-World for Easter, Mother and Father's day, Valentine's Day and Christmas.
Share the gift of wellness with your loved ones! Customized electronical vouchers can be used for or part of any goods or service at Tunde-World. Give the gift of wellbeing.
This card available for:

How much is it? All you need to do is tell us how much you want to spend and they will choose their adventure! After that received your payment we will create a eGift Voucher and this amount will see on it. Like $25, $50, $100 or more. $ gift Voucher at your value of choice.
Can you add any information to this card?
Yes, you can. You will send the text that you would like on the design (For Example, Voucher Title & Name, Date, Location, Personal Message).

How you can received your order.
1. Contac Tunde and let her know that how much do you want to spend on voucher. Also let her know the gifted name or any information that you like to see on the Voucher.
2. You can pay it Paypal or Bank transfer. ( You will charge with transfer fee)
3. Received your payment and
4. You will received your voucher via email.

Gift Voucher

This should use for group and private, face-to-face or online life stream Tai chi, Qigong, Forensic or/and Reiki healing or Meditation at Tunde-World.

TundeWorld Voucher
Are you a Spiritual Healer, an Angel healer or Reiki healer or natural healer? Are you happy to share your time and experience with us? Welcome to our Healing Night Circle on Thursdays. reiki share

Mother's Day eGift

This is a nice present for your Mom. To keep your mum, grandma for fit it is important and nice of you. Click here


Christmas eGift Card for Reiki / Forensic Healing and for Tai chi / Qigong group and private session (s).

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Christmas Tundeworld

Valentine's Day eGift Card

The best Valentine's Day;gift ideas for him, her, your friends and for yourself.

Easter Deal

100% cotton T-shirt for $25

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Work Shop Having QiGong / Tai chi workshop in May each year. For more information click here.


Meditation session Welcome to enjoy, practice our leading meditation session.  
Annual Gold Pass GoldCarVirag