Three in one

Special Events Offer


Three eVouchers in one package just now for only $135.00.

This package includes a Mothers's Day eVoucher for 4 sessions in any venues at TundeWorld, a Health QiGong Workshop eVoucher and two Reiki treatments with 15% off also.

This offer is valid until 15 April 2017 for all 3 programs with 15% discount.


This information helps to plan your May programs and save your budged. How does it work?

The First program is the Mother's Day. We are celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday, 14 May 2017. 

The best gift for Mother's Day a Gift voucher.


Buy this voucher for your wife, grandmother or your mother. Everyone will be happy with this gift.  Maybe they already started to enjoy QiGong / Tai chi classes and your family would want to buy a present for then. It is good offer for you buy the best present with the discount.

Must be redeemed prior to the 31 August 2017.

Increase your flexibility, balance and muscular strength with the Second offer in this packages with One day Health QiGong workshop on 28th  May 2017, Sunday. I would recommend anyone, who is interested in raising and improving her health and fitness level and help others along the way, to take up this course.

evoucher Ticket

Health Benefits

The practice of Yi Ji Jing exercises has some very impressive effects on the respiratory system, flexibility, balance and muscular strength. It can also prevent and cure diseases of the joints, digestive system, cardiovascular system and vervous system.

And finally but not for last the third offer is to Heal and harmonise the body, mind and spirit with Reiki treatment with 15% .

It will help you to create a balance between Mind, Body & Spirit. Check out some Reiki healing benefits:


Let we see how the THREE in ONE does work for you.

This package includes a Mothers's Day eVoucher for 4 sessions for $55.00 (you get 15% discount) in any venues and a Health QiGong Workshop eVoucher for $80.00 ( minus 15% discount) and you can book two Reiki treatment with 15% off also.


Refer Original Price Discounted price with discount
Mother's Day for 4 sessions $68 $55
ONE Day Workshop $95 $80

If you want to booking a Reiki treatment

cost you $150.00 for two sessions

                            $127.00  but you have discount on with 3 in 1
Total (Reiki is not in) $163

$135                 and you have saved extra $23 for Reiki